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Clearalex or Rain-x? - drbe
Which product is better for keeping the windscreen clear - Clearalex or Rain-x?

I have never tried Clearalex and in another thread BRers are sounding off about Rain-x, a rough guess gives about 10-1 against the use of Rain-x.

Should I try Clearalex - who sells it?

Clearalex or Rain-x? - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
Quite different things.
Clearalex is a windscreen cleaning solvent in powder form and Rain-x is a water repellent coating for the same.
Tried Clearalex many years ago but no better than any readily available liquid solvent. With VW fan nozzles I'd be worried about blockages from the Clearalex.
However I have seen the little sachets in many filling stations.
I wasna fu but just had plenty.
Clearalex or Rain-x? - Stuartli
A quality windscreen washer bottle product such as AutoGlym's Quick Clear Windscreen is all that is required - putting any permanent or semi-permanent substance on the windscreen can/will almost certainly bring visibility problems.

Use RainX by all means on side and rear windscreen (if it doesn't have a windscreen wiper) but don't use it on the front windscreen.
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Clearalex or Rain-x? - Blue {P}
Yeah I should probably add that Rain X is currently working very well on my side windows, it's just the front and rear screens that I'm not impressed with.

Clearalex or Rain-x? - grafen

Front & side windows. Works a treat for me...
Clearalex or Rain-x? - Pete M
Any of the rain-repellent (Rain-X, Rain Wizard, Rain Racer) products are much the same. I personally use rain repellent on the front and rear screens of all my cars. It does alter the way the water flows on the screen, which it is supposed to do. Some people seem to get in a lather about this and hate the stuff. Best thing is to try the additive, see if it works. Then try the screen coating. If the modified behaviour of the water infuriates you, I understand a mild alkaline solution (washing soda?) is effective in removing it. If you like Rain-X, they also make an additive for the washer liquid, which I think is pink in colour. It apparently prolongs the repellent effect by re-applying it when you wash the windscreen.
Clearalex or Rain-x? - Xileno {P}
I have heard rubbing a potato on the screen helps. Chopped in half of course.
Clearalex or Rain-x? - Vincent de Marco
It does, but only when it comes to old bangers. New cars have glass made by pyrolytic deposition or vacuum sputtering, which somehow makes the 'potato-trick' useless.
Also, it won't work with laminated or - obviously - hydrofobic glass, so if you have a New Look C5, face-lifted Laguna, Camry or any Lex - don't bother ;)

Clearalex or Rain-x? - Stuartli
The half-a-potato trick has got me home from considerable distances away in past years, once from deep in the heart of the Trough of Bowland.

The woman in the one property over a wide area was astonished when I knocked on her door and politely asked if she could possibly let me have a potato.
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Clearalex or Rain-x? - J Bonington Jagworth
"Works a treat for me..."

Likewise. You must have (fairly) new wiper blades to get the benefit, though. The upside is that the Rain-X will help preserve new blades.
Clearalex or Rain-x? - lix
Look for a product called Aquapel, made by PPG. You can usually find it on eBay supplied direct from the US. Much more durable than Rain-X and much easier to apply too.
Clearalex or Rain-x? - THE ABLE BAKER
I have used clearalex for over 30 years and would use nothing else. It clears the grime of the screen better that anything else that I have tried
Clearalex or Rain-x? - Stuartli
You've really dug this thread out...:-)

I've still to find anything better than AutoGlym Glass Cleaner for both interior and exterior glass on a car.

Unfortunately the other half discovered just how good it was for use inside the house and it disappears faster than my first pint of Guinness of the week.....:-(
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What\'s for you won\'t pass you by
Clearalex or Rain-x? - daveyjp
When I picked up my new Audi it threw it down on the way home. How I missed Rainex. First opportunity I had I cleaned all windows and applied it liberally. Despite similar heavy rain since I have only used wipers om intermittent mode, in fact in heavy rain at speeds above 40mph the wipers are rarely used.

As others have said a set of new wipers is also advisable.
Clearalex or Rain-x? - Civic8
>>in fact in heavy rain at speeds above 40mph the wipers are rarely used.

Very much agree with that, i have been using Rainx for years with no problems or smearing.front and back
Clearalex or Rain-x? - fossyant
I use halfords own product on my side and rear windows (saloon so no wiper) and it really improves vision. Haven't used it on the front as opinions are too divided on it.
Clearalex or Rain-x? - Pete M
This thread is a long-lasting testament to rain repellent.
To add to the general approval of rain repellent, I too have been using it for years, and re-apply it when it wears off. Rain-X seems the most common, though I have used Rain Racer, which was just as good. The best one was the government issue product made for aircraft, which I had access to for a number of years.
The key to good results seems to be to thoroughly clean the screen before first applying the rain repellent. A mild abrasive such as Cif can be very effective and doesn't scratch the glass.
I recently bought two products for my ceramic topped cooking hob. One was a mild abrasive to clean the glass, the other a 'protection' fluid, which smelt and acted, very much like rain repellent. Is this an example of technology crossover?
Clearalex or Rain-x? - Waino
Some months ago, I couldn't find the stuff that I normally used for cleaning the windscreen so I used an aerosol Mr Sheen multi-surface polish that I found under the sink. I certainly wouldn't recommend it for use on the inside as it caused a very annoying smearing which was very difficult to remove but, on the outside, it had this amazing effect on rain which I imagine is the same as Rain-X type products. Some like this effect, others don't - my B-i-L recommends using it outside on windows, but not the front screen. I haven't got round to trying it on the side windows yet - must put it on my 'to do' list.
Clearalex or Rain-x? - Hamsafar
I use RainX on the inside of the windows and the house windows as it makes them easier to clean. On a car outside of the windscreen it makes the water bead up like condensation or dew. This is worse than if it hadn't been applied.
Clearalex or Rain-x? - daveyjp
If you saw any BTCC racing yesterday they were using Rainex on the windscreens - it was mentioned during a break in racing when they dicussed what changes are made to the cars when it is raining. From in car shots you could see the water beading off and no streaks or smears when wipers were being used.
Clearalex or Rain-x? - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
I agree with ashok regarding windscreens. It was dire on my Passat - could not get rid of the coating fast enough. Was almost impossible to see out between wiper strokes.
Works fine on my bike helmet though.
Clearalex or Rain-x? - pmh
This thread is a long-lasting testament to rain repellent.

To add to the general approval of rain repellent, I too have been using it for years,<<

Absolute rubbish! Whilst there are some people (I suspect who suffer from cataracts) believe in this product, the use on front screens generally finds a large majority of people who, having tried it, will never go near the product again!

Just do a Forum search to find many previous threads. I suspect the 'anti' brigade have become bored with answering the threads. I have only replied as the direction this thread was going in could convince some poor individual that the use was a perfect solution with no downside risks whatsoever.


pmh (was peter)

Clearalex or Rain-x? - Altea Ego
I would never ever put anything on my screen. Reason being you never get it off again and the screen is never ever the same.

TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
Clearalex or Rain-x? - steveb
I'll add to the anti windscreen brigade - done once and never again..........even applied carefully with good quality new windscreen wipers it smeared dreadfully in the rain.

Works really well on the side and rear windows however - the rain beads off like a high quality wax on the paintwork.

Clearalex or Rain-x? - Pugugly {P}
What's the point, modern windscreen wipers do a good job, especially these flippy floppy ones.
Clearalex or Rain-x? - Pete M
Absolute rubbish! Whilst there are some people (I suspect who suffer from cataracts) believe in
this product the use on front screens generally finds a large majority of people who
having tried it will never go near the product again!

pmh (was peter)

Well, that's interesting, as this product is widely used on aircraft, and pilots are required to have very good vision. It would seem that on some windscreen and wiper combinations on certain cars, the action of wiping creates a very fine layer of tiny water drops that is hard to see through. I have only found this if the screen is very cold.
I am sure that there are people who say that Dyson vacuum cleaners are absolute rubbish and that they would never use one. Others insist they are the best.

So, the large majority buy it once, and then throw the rest away. Why is the stuff still available, if it sells in such small amounts? It can hardly be profitable, with only the small minority of us enthusiasts buying a new bottle every two years or so. Perhaps it is only the "Angry of Mayfair" respondents that leap to deny the benefit of the product. Or should I say "Amazing Product".

Throughout the discussions, I have passed on my experience and what I think is the best way to use the product. I have suggested that if someone is interested, they should try it to see if they like it. It is not impossible to remove, and as for saying the screen will never be the same again...

Wipers do work well these days, but I find the small droplets of water on the screen to be easier to see through than an overall coating of water over a large area. I find that by focussing my eyes on the road ahead, the droplets become invisible, which is not possible when there is a sheet of water covering the whole screen.
I can drive in all but the heaviest rain with wipers either off, or on intermittently.

Of course those racing drivers are all half blind too...
Clearalex or Rain-x? - pmh
I guessed I would get a reply like this ;-)

But at least I have prompted a few of the 'antis' out of the woodwork!

I have tried it at least twice, on both old (well prepared) and new windscreens with similar outcomes over the last 10 years. I also tried with new/ old wiper blades to overcome the problems, because I wanted it to work!
I could not get rid of it fast enough because of the misting problems in light rain conditions. At speed the benefits are obvious and I agree wipers are generally not needed, and it appears to be an amazing product. However if you have to drive thro an urban enviroment (particularly in the dark) to get to a motorway/ fast road, you start to notice the downsides . Maybe it is because I am used to ensuring that my screen is generally very clean and o/s wiper blades renewed annually hence my vision/visibility standards are set high. When I see the state of some other peoples windscreens (in/out) I can appreciate why they do not notice the downside.

Use on aircraft/ racing cars where the speeds are relatively high are not the same - if I was doing in excess of say 60 mph all the time I would use it without doubt.


pmh (was peter)

Clearalex or Rain-x? - Altea Ego
It is impossible to *completely* remove, and the screen is never the same again. Once you start using it you have to keep using it.

Why would you bother? Good wipers and blades are far superior in all circumstances for cars. Throwing in the aircraft and pilot red herring is a waste of time, the two applications are poles aprt. If wipers worked at 600 mph aircraft makers would use them.
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Clearalex or Rain-x? - pmh
Good to find an ally!

Nothing seems to cloud the vision of the converted, except perhaps cataracts, dirty windscreens and Rain-X.

pmh (was peter)


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