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306 cooling fans not working! - barry_306
Evening all!

Tried searching for this but am still a bit stuck as to what the problem is.

Neither of the rad fans on my 306 (1.6 with air-con, P reg) are working. They just packed up a couple of days ago. Have checked fuses, relays, all the wiring for the sensors around the thermostat housing, all seems fine.

I'm just after ideas of what else to check, I've not run 12v direct to the fans yet but to be honest, both fans packing up at the same time is pretty remote, but I will check anyway.

I've read that there is a box of tricks called a Bitron that controls the fans for the cooling and the air con, now, if this failed, would it stop the fans working completely?

Is there anywhere I can take a voltage reading from to eliminate certain parts of the circuit?

Also, I cant see the Bitron unit. Supposed to be under the nearside headlight but I'm pink fluffy diced if I can find it!?

Any help would be really appreciated!


{Barry, curtail the language please. DD. BR Moderator.}
306 cooling fans not working! - solara
Lots of useful info under Electrical->306 Cooling Fans Basic Principle Of Operation
306 cooling fans not working! - Mackay78

First thing to do is start up the car, on top of the thermostat housing you'll have to cables connected to sensors, one with 1 cable for the dash temp display and the other with 2. Disconnect the one with 2 wires and the fans will come on(if they do you change that sensor). If they still don't come on, bridge the contacts in the connecter, if they still don't come on after that check the following -

If you take the small grill of at the top of the bumper(if your the 306 has one) and between the 2 fans there should be a small rectangular shaped box either at the top or the bottom on the same panel as the fans, there's 3 relays in there, any one may need changed, take them all out replace 1 at a time, there are a standard 4 pin relay and are inexpensive.


306 cooling fans not working! - catlika
hi new to this but not with pug probs anyway could you help!!!
my pug 306 fans won't stop running i have had to take the fuse out any ideas?
306 cooling fans not working! - solara
Could be a stuck rad fan switch or stuck/arced relay contacts.
Check the rad fan switch first. Try disconnecting the rad fan switch and see if the fans stop. If so, I would replace the rad fan switch first. If you have AC, then it gets a bit more complicated, with bitron switch etc.

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