fiesta noise - keith8b
hi can anyone advise if the noise i'm experiencing in my 1.3lx 5dr 96 mk4 fiesta we have just bought is normal as around 25 mph there is noise like a window is open and it just gets louder, another thing is the immobiliser does it work on the door lock as the manual say's turn key both ways to put alarm on in 3 seconds but nothing happens is this included in lx spec as when you start it up the light by the clock flash's any help would be appreiciated
fiesta noise - Adam {P}
Hi Keith,

I had a '96 Mark 4 and it never made a noise. Surprisingly, it was quieter than you'd think even at 80 so something's wrong. Sadly, I have no idea how you'd go about sorting this. Sorry.

I have a vague recollection of having to turn the key to position one, and then two to set the alarm but I had the remote so never had to do this.

Ford keys have a little transponder in them so that when you start the engine, it tells the immobiliser that it's the right key. If the light by the clock flashes when you start the engine, it means something's wrong. Usual suspects are unrecognised code but quite how you're managing to start the engine, I don't know.

Can't help you with the spec - Ford alarms are patchy at the best of times. I have a Focus Ghia with no alarm yet my 1996 Fiesta did. My alarm on the Fiesta was situated in the boot (the horn that is) on the right hidden behind the boot lit. You can tell if you have one by opening the door and closing it again a few times very quickly. The indicators will flash. If you have an alarm, that will beep once as it's gone into test mode.

If you need any more help, just shout.

P.S. - A light by the clock doesn't mean you have an alarm. Just the passive anti-theft system.

P.P.S - This'll get moved over the Technical Matters later in case you can't find it.
fiesta noise - sierraman
Have you checked door seals are,well,sealing?It is suprising how much noise can come froma very small gap.
fiesta noise - madf
check the door seals on the drivers side door: above your head and nearer the front vertical of the A pillar. There is a rust spot/weakness there.. and it MAY have been treated and at the same time moved the seal. Also around the vertical A pillar itself.

Have you an exhaust leak near the manifold. Rev the engin whilst stationary...


fiesta noise - keith8b
hi i will try all suggestions about the noise and thanks for the alarm advice i'm away now so will try them later as i need to prep the omega as we tow a van so watch out norfolk but thanks everyone for anwsering

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