Rear view mirror. - Gordon

Can somebody help please!

I have a rear view mirror that keeps falling off my windscreen.

Tried adhesive 'recommended' by the car shop - still falls off, £3.99 for a poxy amount!

Tried double sided sticky pads 'recommended' by the shop - cheaper but equally as unsuccessfull.

Tried double sided laminated flooring tape 'my idea' - most successfull to date, fell off 15 minutes into the journey!

Any suggestions on how to attach the mirror stopping short of screwing the thing to the windscreen?

- Gee
Re: Rear view mirror. - steve paterson
It depends on the type of mirror fitted. Many Vauxhalls have a very heavy mirror assembly, the holder must be glued to the screen and allowed to 'cure' for up to 12hrs before fitting the mirror. Sticky mirror pads won't work, you must use the GM adhesive.
Ford mirrors can be re-fitted using the pads but preparation is important. The screen must be clean, and the best way to clean the mirror base is to use a wire wheel, by the time you've cleaned off all the old pad, the base will be nice and warm - ready for the new pad. Never fails.
Araldite and superglue are a waste of time. 'Hard' adhesives can't expand and contract at the differing rates of the screen and mirror base. At best, the mirror will fall off, at worst, the screen will crack.
Re: Rear view mirror. - richard price
suggest you pop along to your local autoglas or similar and ask them.
Re: Rear view mirror. - Tony Coote
Hi Gordon, I had this problem once myself with a Cavalier. It is most important that both surfaces to be stuck are clean - use methalated spirit - this did the trick for me. Good luck.
Re: Rear view mirror. - Gordon

Thanks for the replies and I will certainly give them a go. By the way, the car in question is a Renault Clio Van and the mirror seems pretty heavy.

....Steve, forgive my ignorance but when you say 'GM' adhesive, what does this mean?

Regarding the cleanliness of the surfaces; I did make sure both surfaces were clean but I didn't use methalated spirit - maybe this is the key to success.

Thanks and I'll be writing again to the forum with any probs.

- Gee
Rear view mirror - David Lacey
For about £5 or £6 any decent autoglazier will bond this mirror back on using the proper adhesive.

They may even do it for free seeing as though it is the season of goodwill....

It is important to allow the adhesive to cure and attain its full strength before refitting the mirror.

Kind regards

Re: Rear view mirror - Guy Lacey
GM = General Motors
i.e. VAG = Volkswagen Audi Group
Re: Rear view mirror - Gordon
....thanks also David and Guy for the advice and explination!

- Gee.
Re: Rear view mirror. - Phil P
Gordon, here's a link to a previous thread on the subject:
Re: Rear view mirror. - Gordon
Phil, thanks for the link - interesting info and yet more useful suggestions.

Just got to get over Christmas (¢¾) when I'll be in a fit state to take some serious action as to resolving this problem once and for all, and not having to depend on the cracked wing mirror, next job!! :o( .

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and have a 'car trouble' free winter.

Till next time...

- Gee
Re: Rear view mirror. - Brian
Merry Christmas from a very sober Brian.
A sinus infection and antibiotics means I am on the wagon and NO chance of being done for drink-driving!
The thing to keep in mind is that the mirror attachment should not be TOO good, as it is meant to break away in the case of an accident.

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