VW Saran water leaks - Andy Thorne
I have an early 2.0 sharan GL. In the writeup on this site it give as a bad point water entering the car via the heater system. Is there a cure?

In addition I have another watery problem. The offside drainage tube from the sunroof appears to be mostly blocked. I have pushed something down the tube and it goes to the same point on both sides, the nearside is draining OK. Is it possible to get to the bottom of the drainage tube to see what the problem is?

Andy Thorne
Re: VW Saran water leaks - Dave N
There were all manner of leaks on these from weatherstrips to body seams. The most common one early ones though is blocked drains in the pollen filter frame. This can be correctd by using a new frame, filter, and bloser resistor. Sounds expensive to me, so remove the pollen filter and clean the drains yourself. You may also need to use some sealant around the frame.

I'm not sure how the sunroof drains run, but the recommendation from Ford on the Galaxy, is to simply 'renew the drains pipes as they could be blocked or kinked', unfortunately they don't tell you how to do this, but I would imagine the roof lining would need to be removed, and it isn't particularly easy, as it's one piece.

If you can see where the water is coming in, then let me know and I'll search the disk for the remedy (if it isn't the pollen filter frame).

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