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In praise of the Rover 75 - Darcy Kitchin
I have been running our ex-sales manager's Rover 75 for the last 3 weeks. I am enjoying it a lot. It's an 1800 club with 30K on it and I thought it a bit underpowered until I nailed it in third in the interests of research. The engine seems more willing now. It stands out from others in the car park, it has a supple, refined ride and a comfortable driving position. My skill doesn't extend to taking it to the limit, but it has safe, settled understeer in normal driving. All my passengers (aged from 5 to 48) have remarked on the classy interior with chrome and wood around. The engine is a bit buzzy when opened up but it's enirely adequate. The tank is a bit small giving about 350 mile range and it has done 33 uncorrected mpg over the last 1200 miles.

The best thing about it is, the ambience of the car has completely removed any aggression or competitive urges. I don't know if it's the oval black on cream dials or the excellent cool-air-to-the-face climate control, but whatever it is, it's working. Bus drivers have been allowed to pull out, no headlamps or horn have been directed at the hooligans in their 4x4s who come down the slip road 2 abreast from Scotch Corner onto the A1. I don't know how long it will last ...

My point? If you are considering an exec. 5-seater, try Mr. Towers' offering and see if it puts a smile on your face.
Re: In praise of the Rover 75 - David W

Very interested to hear this.

I'll keep one on the list for about six years time together with the subtle met blue Mercedes TD Estate from the mid nineties.

Re: In praise of the Rover 75 - Alwyn
They look like a Jaguar at first glance.
In praise of the Rover 75 - David Lacey
It's what I have been saying for ages!

Thanks Darcy!


Re: In praise of the Rover 75 - Stuart B
Darcy, me too, diesel auto I reckon, for once the advertising hits the exact correct note,

"go on relax, it's a Rover."

Mind you the current Lincoln Town Car, now that's relaxing, its a bus but it's relaxing.

SB in Vegas
Re: In praise of the Rover 75 - T lucas
Do they hang together with a bit of treatment/mileage, surely thats the test.
In praise of the Rover 75 - David Lacey
Very much so - we have many [different] models with over 90K recorded, no major faults as yet!
KV6 Head Gasket fault has been eradicted with the 75 Engine.

One cracked cylinder head on a thrashed 1.8 75 and loss of 2/3rd gear on another but thats about it.
Minor trim niggles with the rear door sill plates coming adrift [spot of superglue]
Rear door handle mechanisms need a good oiling at service time otherwise you will not be able to open them!
An appetite for headlamp bulbs (see *1, below)

MGR have really got it right with the 75 - it is warming to see others here commenting postively.

*1 Bulbs in general, seem to blow relatively quickly these days. I have it on good authority that bulbs are only tested at 12V and not the nigh-on 14V some systems can reach. This is the reason behind premature bulb failure.


Lincoln Town car - John S

Was any vehicle ever more implausibly named?



PS Vegas? - how's your luck?
Re: Lincoln Town car - Stuart B

Scottish ancestry, born in Yorkshire, do you seriously think I am in Vegas for the gambling.

Blood and stomach pills will have to go to for a lie down now just at the thought of it!

The Town car is a monstrosity, but its almost one of the cheapest ways of of renting a motor that will carry 4/5 bods plus a moderate amount of kit. The satellite navigation system is amazing!

Mind you I would quite like a play in one of the Dodge Prowlers for rent out here. $300+ a day is a bit steep though.

Re: Lincoln Town car - Honest John
Shame about the diesel. Rover 75: 114bhp. Latest version of the same BMW engine in the 320D: 150bhp. Very mean of BMW.


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