Hedges again - Alwyn
Just finished brushing 300 yards of road after my hedges were cut by a friendly farmer. Hot work.

I recall this was mentioned recently, but I believe that farmers should not be allowed to simply leave the sharp hawthorn cuttings lying in the road. Farmer tells me it is a price you pay for living in the countryside!!!!!!!!

My dear wife drove over them to go shopping so I hope the tyres are still OK.

The last two years have seen two punctures which I was told were unrepairable as they were too near the sidewall. Cost a lot of shekels.

Is any other trade allowed to leave sharp objects on the highway without penalty?
Re: Hedges again - Phil Goodacre
There's a scrap metal company here in Derby who regularly deposit metal swarf at the exit to their yard which is on a very busy T-junction. Also, the road is as greasy as hell from the oil that gets dragged out of the yard on the lorry wheels. 3 punctures in last 2 years, one of which nearly cost me my life when swarf caused a sudden partial deflation at 70mph and several close calls with other cars losing traction at the junction. Numerous complaints to local council produce nothing. Like a lot of things in this country, action will only be taken when some poor sod has been killed.
Re: Hedges again - steve paterson
I suppose that if the hedges hadn't been trimmed, you'd be whinging about not being able to see because of them.
Re: Hedges again - Alwyn
I can hardly whinge 'cos they are my hedges (in this intance) and visibilty is not a factor as the lane is straight.
Re: Hedges again - Dwight Van-Driver

Sect 148 Highways Act 1980
- if , without lawful authority or excuse, a person deposits on a made up carriageway any dung, compost, or other material for dressing land, OR ANY RUBBISH, or
a person deposits anything whatsoever on a highway to the interuption of any user of the highway,
that person commits an offence Level 3 fine £1,000

Local Authority should be aware of their power under section 149 Highways Act, 1980 (1) - if anything so deposited on a Highway as to constitute a nuisance, the highway authority for the highway may by notice require the person WHO DEPOSITED to remove it forthwith. Goes on for L.Authority to get order from Mags Court.
Again in your case more power to LA under Section 151 to make an order to prevent soil or REFUSE being washed, carried into the Street.

Your local reference Library will have a copy of Highways Act - makes interesting reading on a wet afternoon.

Rgds DVD
Re: Hedges again - Mike Harvey
Dump's the word Dwight! As a motorcyclist coming across a pile of horse or cow droppings is no fun. I wonder, if it's unacceptable for dogs to lave a mess, how come its ok for much larger piles to be left without prosecution?
PS I recognise Phils Derby scrapyard- the one with the statue- and can confirm the mess.
Re: Hedges again - Alwyn

Is the owner of the hedge or the chap who cuts it liable for any damage caused?
Re: Hedges again - Phil P
On a similar note, i think skip trucks need regulating. I was following behind one once and had to dodge house bricks flying out the back!
Re: Hedges again - pugugly
I was going to ask the same thing....Is this chap cutting on contract to the LA or cutting his own hedge and making the consequent mess. If he is working under contract to the LA I suggest you contact your local authority Highway Dept. and get one of their Inspectors out. Or photo it as soon as it happens (with date stamps). If he cutting for the LA he will be contracted to tidy up after him. If he is cutting for himself how you approach it depends on his size !
Re: Hedges again - Dwight Van-Driver

Now we are going into the realms of civil law and damages which is Pug uglys field I believe.

When I left school centuries ago I worked on a farm and got it in the neck (and backside) off the boss if I didn't clean the tractor/trailer wheels before going on the road before and after muck plugging. Local Constable also administered justice if you were caught depositing. Used to frighten the life out of us. Likewise, hedge cutting by hand slasher- not these flails of today and god help us if we left as much as a twig. I believe it was a pride in what was done and consideration for others. Now adays anything goes more is the pity.

Re: Hedges again - Stuart B

don't want this to seem anti boys in blue but I too remember when the local bobbie got uppity if you left a trail, made you clean it up and then went and told the boss. Nobody bothers anymore and that is why the perpetrators get away with it.

Re: Hedges again - Brian
Insecure loads can be just as bad.
About a year ago was following a builders flatbed which had some timber on it which was too long for the bed and consequently propped over the cab on the frame.

At about 50 mph the slipstream lifted the front and flipped them out of the back of the truck.

My, they were big bits and I was lucky to miss them otherwise I'd have been off the 'bike for sure.
Re: Hedges again - crazed idiot
well look guys when you can hit a bobby and be cautioned and back on the streets in a few hours, i really cannot see much penalty for leaving cutting on the road...

when little un's caught throwing bricks at cars only get a telling off

dont you know your punctures are because you were doing 1 mph over the speed limit ?
Re: Hedges again - Kev
I would laugh, but its not a joke.
It is a shame that the only criminals are those who break a speed limit.

Getting back on track, Haybalers can be awful too, following one its like chistmas, how much bungs up the radiator I dont know.


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