Mitsubishi Charisma - TG
I have seen a private ad for '97 Mitsubishi Charisma, 1.8GLS 24,000 mls at £4615 ono. Looks like a good buy for my wife. Anyone know much about this car?
Re: Mitsubishi Charisma - Peter
I have the 1.6 1997 base model. It runs very well at 44mpg on a daily 100 mile run. The main complaint is the fact that there are no Haynes Manuals or similar for these cars and the Owner's Club is run by Mitsubishi in Cirencester. Apparently you can buy, for around £300.00 a CD rom with all the maintenance details. A 9,000 mile service cost me £135.00 at the main dealers and a 18,000 mile service is ~ £180.00. Cam belt change due at 45K though.
Re: Mitsubishi Charisma - Guy Lacey
I had one as a hire car once and it drove well and was good on juice. The only drawbacks were the nasty plastic interior and the *really* annoying economy light on the dash that went out if you tried to accelerate at all!
Re: Mitsubishi Charisma - John Slaughter

Like you I've had a few of these on rental. I'd agree about the interior and the 'economy' light. Drove me absolutely barmy - if I owned one I'd be pulling the fuse. Not bad on fuel, (apart from the automatic) but the trip computer was hopeless in all three I drove - got down to about 180 miles to empty and stayed there even when the tank had less than 10 litres left. Average and characterless I'd say, nothing exciting.

Re: Mitsubishi Charisma - Charles
Having worked in Mitsubishi aftersales for a while I drew the conclusion that they are well put together and reasonable to drive but parts prices were high with lengthy backorders for basic parts.
Re: Mitsubishi Charisma - Jason
I have had a 97 1.8 GLX (non-GDI) for 3.5 years now. Presumably the one you are considering is the non-GDI model.
My parents had a 1.8 GDI and thought it was gutless, although I would say mine is quicker but less economical. I get about 30mpg on very short journeys and about 44mpg on long trips.
I have only had one problem with it and that was the immobiliser. It wouldn't allow me to start it. This was covered under my warranty.
It is an unexciting car but should provide you with many years of cheap problem free motoring.

Good luck!

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