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High Mileage Audi A4 Diesels - bnazir

I'm looking to spend £6000 to £8000 on an A4 diesel (2000 or 2001 year model). I found a website called audidiesel (you can find them by searching google), they seem to be doing good business. I was wondering if you guys have any experience with this company. They specialise in high mileage audis.

How do A4 diesels hold up against high mileage (110,000 miles)? Will I be looking at massive repair bills some time in the future? I would like to put at least another 150,000 miles on it.

High Mileage Audi A4 Diesels - Buster Cambelt
I think there have been a few back roomers who have called the A4 diesel a good car ruined by the engine. I don't know about high mileage but the low kilometreage one I have been using is dire - slow, noisy and not very economical (9 to 10 l per 100 km).

Are they reliable at high miles? No idea, it'll be going as soon as the company agrees to get me a replacement.
High Mileage Audi A4 Diesels - sorrera
I have a high mileage (140k) 2.5 TDI 1999 A4. Runs brilliant. No squeeks rattles or similar from in the cabin and the engine purrs very nicely.
10K service intervals, although minor service is only £60 from audi dealer.
Quattro gives the car great stability especially in wet and the power from the 150bhp engine is fantastic. Sub 10 seconds for the 60 dash and quicker than most things on the road when you are moving.
Economy from this engine is around 38-42 mixed mpg, the 110 model you will get closer to 50.
The car feels like a quality product. Everything electrical works,

Only problem for me is the lack of space in the back - I could do with a bit more so I am looking to change for an A6 -ideally with the same engine.

High Mileage Audi A4 Diesels - rhino
A friend bought an A6 from them a couple of years ago, no complaints, in fact very pleased with the deal and the car.
High Mileage Audi A4 Diesels - madf
My experiences with a 1998 A4 1.9 110bhp TDI are unfair because most of the problems I had between 70 and 100k miles were design/manufacturing faults since rectified.

So I list them in 2 categories:

1.Faults since hopefully designed/manufactured out

Catalyst: faulty baffles (tinkling sound from exhaust on idle. Can result in complete blockage. Manufacturing defects since remedied.

Front lower wishbone bushes. Failed after 80k miles. Since then I believe design has changed. Horrible squeak from front suspension on bounces.

2.Inherent Faults or Potential one. (may be redesigned/sorted. I dunno)

Aircon condenser failed. BIG bills to fix: dash strip donw. £800 ish
Timing belt tensioner. At 100k IT MUST have been changed at least once.. or twice (plus belt). Mine ground itself to death slowly : noise + rust around tensioner. If it goes HUGE bills. New engine.

See HJ on worn fuel injectors.. If they do wear engine will wear out by 150k.

Front disks: will or should have been replaced at least once.
Rears may be rusty. Mine all done at 70k - fron and rears.

Clutch? (check pedal travel)
Exhaust system? (rust? Catalyst)
Alternator .(noise).

Other problems of general wear and tear.

Personally I think the engine is rough by comparison with Peugeot's diesels and got fed up with the noise and vibration in town. This does NOT get better with age imo.

I'm biased: I would not buy again...


High Mileage Audi A4 Diesels - Buster Cambelt
I would certainly buy another Audi but not a 1.9 TDi. My two UK-based petrol cars have been marvellous and have cost buttons in repairs.

The 1.9TDi quattro in Spain is another matter altogether, I find it noisy and simple unacceptable in what is supposed to be a prestige car. I have found the economy to be very disappointing and the build quality is simply not what it was even 3 years ago.

The 2.5 TDi is another matter altogether, still noisier than a petrol but at least it goes well.
High Mileage Audi A4 Diesels - cattleman6

My Seat Toledo TDiSE 1.9 110 bhp, which I bought new towards the end of 1999, has now done almost 185, 000 miles and is the nicest most reliable car i have ever owned. I mention this, as they used the same diesel engines in Audis, Passats, Golfs, Skodas at that time etc etc. All the quantities of extras still work ( I bought it near Sidmouth even though I am now in Dublin since 2004 ). It is also still on it's first clutch etc etc. and has it's orrigional exhaust. It does over 60 mpg on long runs. It would be hard to find a truly better car.

High Mileage Audi A4 Diesels - googolplex
I think there have been a few back roomers who have
called the A4 diesel a good car ruined by the engine.

One backroomer to be precise and I think that's the only comment we ever heard from him/her. I would personally ignore this since it is one of those subjective, throw-away comments which virtually anyone could say about any car. Let's have some proper feedback.
FWIW, my brief experience of the 1.9 was much the same as my more extended experience of the similar Passat. If you don't mind a good throaty roar from the engine (not booming, or irritating, but nevertheless, there...) then this car seems good enough. But I don't know about mileage and reliability.
High Mileage Audi A4 Diesels - Avant
Good to hear of a flourishing high-mileage 2.5 TDI, as that'w what mine is.

The 1.9 TDI is the same engine as in other VW group cars, including the Skoda Octavia which is finding favour as a taxi. I'm sure I've seen plenty of stories of Octavias running up high mileages without missing a beat.
High Mileage Audi A4 Diesels - SlightlyFatRep
Another thing to look out for is Auto Gearboxes. My best mate had to have his replaced at 60,000 miles on his A4 and at the same time his colleague had the same problem. It was manifesting itself as noisy clunking at changes and then struggling to change gear smoothly. All replaced under warranty on both cars and might well have been an isolated issue. Worth paying attention to on a test drive though.........
High Mileage Audi A4 Diesels - mark999
A collegue of mine has run an A4 Avant diesel to 140K with very few problems. It has only needed suspension bushes and a new master brake cylinder (in addition to service items)
High Mileage Audi A4 Diesels - puresilk

I have an Audei A4 2.0 Tdi (140 BHP) 2006 model.

It has 152k motorway miles and running sweet as a nut.

I am factoring in a new clutch/flywheel and camblet change soon though so £1000 bill is near!

High Mileage Audi A4 Diesels - Roly93

I have a 2007 A4 2.0TDi 140 and at 50K it is really getting into its stride in both performance and MPG.

The previously mentioned engine woes of the A4 were the older 2.0TDI engines which had a non-gear drioven oil pump, mines a BRE so should be okay. Yes they are a bit noisy at tickover and externally, but as soon as you get rolling this is irrelivant.

I find many common rail diesels to feel a bit puny in comparison with the VaG PD unit.

I would say on an oldish A4 you need to look for potential clutch problems and obvioulsy cam-belt swap outs. Other than this, if the suspension doesnt feel strange or make any strange sounds you should be okay.

High Mileage Audi A4 Diesels - TeeCee

As a fleet driver and frequent traveller using hire cars, I have to agree with may of the other responses here.

If you've ever driven a Ford/PSA diesel equipped vehicle, the most flattering description of the VAG units would be "agricultural"......

High Mileage Audi A4 Diesels - madf

Further to my comments above, I now run a 1.4 D4D Toyota Yaris and have done for 4 years..

The engine is smooth and quiet without vibration and harshness and quite acceptable idling in traffic. It makes the 1.9TDI Audi engine look what it is: noisy, coa*** and unrefined.

High Mileage Audi A4 Diesels - dieseldogg

Older VW group diesels could best perhaps described as a trifle racous, Im thinking of the 1998 1.9 TDI.

However it and the 1.9PD that replaced it were mechanically reliable IF serviced correctly, belts changed etc etc.

And not chipped to hell & gone.

Like currently 226,000 and counting, the origional alternator & water pump did to 190,000/200,000 ish, still on the origional injectors too( untouched)

And easy on diesel.

High Mileage Audi A4 Diesels - A4bigfan
I own a 1999 A4 1.9 Tdi and I done 313465miles with original clutch haven't had any big problems with it they're good cars if you give them a good service
High Mileage Audi A4 Diesels - matthew stearn

Ive got a 2002 A4 1.9tdi and have done 333,000 miles, its had a few suspension bushes, a new battery and one clutch and a few brake pads but otherwise nothing, im sure it will go on to 400,000. The garage I use had one to service which had done 450,000 so I would not worry about buying one which had done 110,000 as long as it has a service record

High Mileage Audi A4 Diesels - Steveieb
Hi Mathew. Thanks for your post. That's amazing mileage. Can you let me know the cambelt change intervals including time and mileage.
I'm really surprised about the comments about the PD being crude compared with the PSA, which are known to have injector wear problems
High Mileage Audi A4 Diesels - corax
I'm really surprised about the comments about the PD being crude compared with the PSA, which are known to have injector wear problems

The huge injection pressures in a PD engine mean that they're never going to be a refined engine, however they have magnificent lugging torque and good economy figures to compensate. They do have to be driven on that narrow power band though to be fully effective.

They can feel particularly agricultural in a small car like a Polo or Ibiza.

I traded my Audi 80 Tdi in for a BMW 323i straight six petrol. What a difference that was :)

High Mileage Audi A4 Diesels - nailit

I still have a passat 1999 diesel 1.9tdi, don't use it much these days, 190,000 miles, been out today mainly flat rural roads got 68 mpg indicated (it does over read so really only 62 possibly) I have driven the later passat (vag) diesels 130pd and the higher rated one, and actually prefer this old 110 bhp AFN engine and it's very quiet even with the now disintegrated engine top sound foam deadner. It will be hard to ever let it go. I purchased it with 60k with cam belt done from a family owner, changed belts myself at 120k and then 5 years at 145k (milage dropped) now at 6.5 years later waiting to run it into the ground, (at 45 thou miles the years can increase from the specified 5 for replacement in my book) :-) Also worth mentioning (although embarrassing) I have not replaced the water pump, I admit to risking it by not replacing at the last belt change.

I do check the belts but unbelievably they 'look' ok - hopefully testing fate now.

Original everything really; clutch. Exhaust. Starter. Alternator. turbo. Wheel bearings. Radiator. Handbrake cables. Only ever had serviceable items done. Have saved myself a fortune over the 15.5 years. Had usual mot replacements ; track rod ends. drive shaft boots. 2 brake hoses. rust apart from door trim black inserts and only just starting a very slight bit of a rust blister on a wheel arch.

Usual ingress of water (eventually after 12 - 13 years) but resealed myself with silicone sealant. Wiring loom required some renewal of vw splicing due to ingress but all this is covered on the internet. Electric windows still ok but one is dodgey.

Hopefully this is interesting to someone. ....


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