Micra Cold Starting - Carl
My wife's Micra M Reg 1 litre, has a probelm with cold starting
If you start the engine for a short period when cold, say when moving the car a short distance, and then stop it, it is then very hard if not impossible to restart. Got caught out yesterday when having to move the car in the local car park.

Had to call the AA sometime ago due to the same problem, and was told that this was a known problem with Mk2 Micras.

If you let the engine reach normal temperature i.e. ECU finishes it's cold cycle, the engine will restart fine every time. I have checked the ECU for fault codes, but none are shown.
Micra Cold Starting - David Lacey
Engine flooding I guess. A common problem with the awful electronic choked Maestro/Montego/200 range circa 1985->
Not too sure about a cause in your case, though. It shouldn't happen with fuel injected vehicles.

I do have one or two Nissan Main Dealer contacts. I will try to ask them tommorrow.


Total switch in subject... - Mark (Brazil)


There is a program I watch, essentially a travel guide, called "Lonely Planet". They go to the Amazon, Atacama, Asia and the like.

Well, amazingly the one I watched last night was in Ottery St. Mary for the Barrel rolling in 2000. I taped it.

Now the question is, were you there ? If you were, can you remember what jacket you would have worn or whether you would have been near a tv camera filming some dippy american girlie wearing a bright orange boiler suit ?

Tar Barrels - Ottery St Mary - David Lacey
Hi Mark!

Nice to see that the O-S-M Tar Barrel event is reaching your far flung quarters!
I was wearing a yellow jacket, accompanied by Guy in an orange Helly Hansen Jacket (That got badly tar-stained this year as we were feeling brave, getting a little close to the action...) We also had a friend in tow - suitably beered up - he could be seen on Guy's shoulders at many times during the evening!
We have been to the barrels event 99,00 and 01.
This year we saw Ben (from Country File) running about after downing 12 pints of local ale!

I would recommend the event to anybody - just wrap up warm and be prepared!!


Re: Micra Cold Starting - John Slaughter

To judge by previous posts on this site from HJ it's just what you'd expect from a catalyst car subject to cold starts and very short runs. Happened to my Corsa a while back.

The answer is as you described - run it long enough to warm up a little.


Re: Micra Cold Starting - Honest John
Well done John. What is happening to Carl's Micra is exactly what is supposed to be happening. I've been there before with Micra owners what seems like hundreds of times, but was probably about 25.


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