Virus? - Alwyn
Non-motoring topic. I peeped at the site of a well-known motoring magazine last night and my virus checker, for the first time ever, said,

"This is corrupted with the W32 Nimda virus, clean now?"

Any else had this problem?
Re: Virus - John Slaughter

There has been a problem with a recent virus update from Symantec (Norton Antivirus) showing a spurious virus detection on MSN, and I wonder if this is similar. This is shown on the Symantec site. Updating your virus definitions with the latest version cures the problem.

There are also two Nimda virus removal tools freely available on the site ( which it might be worth running on your machine.


Re: Virus - alwyn
Hello John,

Many thanks. I use McAfee and on reporting the problem to the site involved thye replied as follows.......

Thanks for your email. A virus was spotted late afternoon on the
valuations page. The Virus affects Windows-based servers, ours are Unix-based. However, the provider of the valuations data does have a Windows-based server, so we have contacted them and disabled
the link for the time being. I'm hoping this was the virus that you


Re: Virus? - Jonathan
Don't talk to me about NIMDA.

Our network is down because of this little bugger, and is likely to stay down all this week. Back to handwriting memos now. BOO.

Re: Virus? - dan
I think the NIMDA likes 'always on' IIS (windows web server boxes) that aren't patched. Unless l'm mixing myself up with some other gubbins, you can get rid of this virus by turning your computer off and on again, (it lives in memory).

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