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Fitting Audi A4 CD Changer - mikeyb

Has anyone any experience of fitting the Audi CD changer? I want to fit one on my 98 A4 - it has the concert stereo, and I am led to believe that the wiring for the multi changer is already installed through to the boot somewhere as it was a dealer fit option. Can anyone confirm this or has anyone done this and can tell me how easy / dificult a job it would be?

Fitting Audi A4 CD Changer - DL
If the head unit is CD compatible, then I woudl suggest the wiring is there. I'd expect to see a terminal in the NSR hatch/locker area, in front of the rear lamp.

Ah...saloon or Estate?
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Fitting Audi A4 CD Changer - mikeyb
Its a saloon. Reason for asking is that someone has offered me the Audi changer , but it comes with no cables. Was previously installed with same head unit as mine and I was wondering (hoping) that someone here had done the same thing before and would be able to confirm if the cable was there already. Think I will have a bit of a rumage around in the boot and see if I can see anything!
Fitting Audi A4 CD Changer - AR-CoolC
The wiring won't definatly be there, but it is quite easy to unclip the kick panels along the door bottoms to feed the cable up through to the dash, the tricky/fiddly bit is getting the cable up from the floor to the back of the head unit, this is easier if you can find someone with small hands to help. I would imagine that if you are buying a Audi marked changer in some sort of a kit from a dealer then there may even be the instructions inside.
If it is a changer kit from one of the audio manufacturers then make double sure it does comply with the unit you have in the car, very often adaptor cables are required.
Just be careful if you need to drill any holes for mounting plates, it may sound silly but I have seen some stupid mistakes in the past where looms or petrol tanks have been damaged.
Fitting Audi A4 CD Changer - Big John
Beware later VW/Audi radio wiring if you change the head unit. The\"K\" line CPU connection is used as a power out by some stereo manufacturers. The active aerial connection is different as well, iF LW/MW reception is poor/non exist then the aerial amp is not being powered.




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Fitting Audi A4 CD Changer - mikeyb
Just to update you (for those who are interested) and to thank you for your help.

After a good hunt around I took out the boot carpet and traced the cables in that area and found the provision for the CD Changer is already there. It was held with cable ties around the loom going to the rear lights, but stops just short, and was sealed up with foam to protect the pins (presumably at the factory)

Once again thanks for the advice
Fitting Audi A4 CD Changer - the conductor
hi as an ex vag dealership worker i would advise you go and buy the audi fitting kit.
it comes with a bracket that fits in the n/s/r of the boot also the extra part of the loom you require and a new boot carpet with the hump in it for the cd changer.
also autoleads can supply adapter leads so you can use any manafacturers cd changer with the standard radio.
this makes things a lot cheaper as the audi cd changer is very expensive.
hope this helps richard
Fitting Audi A4 CD Changer - mikeyb
Fitting Kit sounds like a good idea - any rough idea of cost? also new carpet sounds expensive. I was looking at buying a second hand unit to keep costs to a minimum - The car has little value. I bought it at Auction a couple of years ago, but it now has 146K on it. I would like to change it, but as it has limited value and just keeps going (the only thing I have done is have it serviced and replaced tyres) it would seem silly to get rid of a good car.

You mentioned the extra part of the loom - what is that? The changers that I have looked at have a small amount of lead on the and a female connector - the car has enough cable to reach the changer and a male connector - am i missing something?

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