Do you HAVE to register a warrantee? - PoloGirl

I had a new car stereo for Christmas last year and just one day before the year long manufacturer's guarantee runs out, it has gone wrong!

The front wont stay connected to the unit sufficiently enough for it to work, and on the rare occasion that I can get it to stay, one bit of acceleration and it's all quiet again.

I've got the receipt and the manufacturers guarantee, but it looks as though I forgot to register the guarantee in the excitement of Christmas. Is it still valid or will they laugh me out of Halfords later?


Do you HAVE to register a warrantee? - Blue {P}
They won't laugh you out of Halfords, if that's where you bought it from then they are obliged to sort it out up to 12 months from your purchase date AFAIK.

You'll be fine, if they give you any trouble I'm sure you'll give as good as you get, you've had a lot of practice with the bodyshop manager! :-)

Do you HAVE to register a warrantee? - Welliesorter
It shouldn't matter as the warranty is in addition to any rights you have under the law.


The section about the fridge freezer under the FAQs on that page might be a similar case to yours and suggests that it doesn't matter whether it's one day before, or six months after, the end of the warranty.

'...when you buy goods from a shop, you enter into a contract under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended). This holds the shop liable for up to six years after purchase (Limitation Act 1980), providing that you can show that the problem is down to an unreasonable fault and not normal wear and tear.'
Do you HAVE to register a warrantee? - volvoman
I think warranty registration has more to do with marketing than anything else (hence all the accompanying personal questions) and failing to do so shouldn't make any difference. The details you give may not only be used internally but also to provide leads to other companies wanting to flog you stuff and to maintenance companies. They contact you just before the expiry date of the original guarantee and offer an extended warranty. I recenty had just such a letter from a company offering another years on-site service for one of my laser printers - all for the price..... yes, you guessed it,... of somewhat more than I paid for it and what a brand new, updated model would cost. Needless to say I declined their generous offer.
Do you HAVE to register a warrantee? - PoloGirl
Thanks all.

Well the lovely lads at Halfords have ripped out my stereo and sent it off to the manufacturer for a repair under warranty. They didn't think the date would be a problem and made a special effort to get it sent off tonight.

Polo looks so sad now with a gaping hole in the dashboard!

Do you HAVE to register a warrantee? - DL
Interesting.....I was debating the situation with the warranty registration card that came with our new cooker....needless to say it has been binned!
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Do you HAVE to register a warrantee? - bugged {P}
I had a fridge fitted in my new house complimentary by the builder, it came with a warranty and i never bothered ringing up to sort it out.
anyway it had a problem with it and they agreed with no fuss to deliver me a new one, which is now sitting at home.
They have not yet bothered to collect the old one that has nothing wrong with it except a small crack on the inner lining so i was sell that and have the new one. Im guessing rhe new one also comes with a new warranty!

the appliances I bought myself mind you i rang and registered, you can\'t be too carefull!

Do you HAVE to register a warrantee? - Peter D
Normally the replacment unit is against the original purchase date as you do not have a new receipt for the new fridge. You can try your luck and use the registration card. Regards Peter

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