Peugeot CD player - quietman
I have a 406 with a radio/cd player (I believe it is an Orion) which has a disc jammed in it. It will not eject and will not register the tracks etc but you can hear the mechanism trying to do something. Unfortunately the manual is not much use and I have to assume that the unit is a combined radio/cd player. As it will not eject the logic would be to remove the unit, open it up and remove the disc manually, but I don't have a radio code.Is there any way I can get the player to eject the disc without opening the unit? If I have to open the unit how can I get the reactivation code? I believe that this units maybe coded for this car only. If this is the case will it automatically reactivate when reconnected to the power supply?
Any advice would be gratefully accepted as this is beginning to irritate me
Peugeot CD player - DL
Just be careful of the laser beam......potential eye damage.
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Peugeot CD player - Hawesy1982
for the radio code, ring up the garage the car originally came from - they should be able to bring it up on screen and tell you. Worked for my 306 at least
Peugeot CD player - DL
Can be a lit of a lottery....some dealers aren't very good at recoding such simple details.....Peugeot seem to be the worst for this!
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Peugeot CD player - Andrew-T
If the radio code is not available from the original selling dealer, it should be obtainable from Peugeot Central in Coventry - that's assuming it is the OE CD unit.
Peugeot CD player - Civic8
If it is coded try and get the code if possible.some cd/radios when power is disconnected then after a couple of minutes reconnect may reset.what happens is the cd is being read.But if the player is unable to read the disc.This can be caused by a finger mark/minor dirt/scratch on the disc.It will retry during which time you want to eject the disc.You won`t be able to untill the player gives up trying to read the disc and that could take age`s.will the unit pull out from dash easily or not?

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