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I have a 1991 Sterling 827SLi with a flashing 'S3' light. The only info. I can find is that it is an automatic transmission issue. The engine and drive train is basically, if not exactly the same as a 1990 Acura Legend (827 engine, 2675 cc.). I am in the US and the last year they marketed it here was in 1991. Dealers stopped working on it in 1996 and garages are reluctant to work on it. I have friends in England and up to now they have been able to get me misc. parts for smaller repairs. I might be able to get an Acura dealer to help, but I need some info. first. The mileage is 48,000 and after the 'S3', I changed the transmission fluid for the first time. The car and transmission run great. What could the problem be and what could I do about it? Is there an ECU reset process? I also have other, not so potentially damaging, issues, but I just now found this site. It may or may not be relavant, but the speedometer needle has also just started to occasionally jump around.

Thanks in advance for any help.

flashing 'S3', Sterling 827SLi - elekie&a/c doctor
The flashing s3 light & the speedo fault are related .I would suggest you have a problem with electronic speed transducer on auto box.this drives the speedo & sends a signal to autobox control unit for correct up down changes.
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I think this is correct diagnosis.

Get an auto-electrical 'shop to check out the transducer circuit. The transducer 'drops' into the top of the gearbox. It is very easy to remove, just pull out the 'P' clip and lift the transducer out. You can then spin its shaft to simulate movement.

The transducer has three wires connecting to it. +12V, 0V (i.e. power supply) and the third wire is the signal from the transducer to the ECU. The signal should be a crisp square-wave of about 12V amplitude. Frequency increases as the speed of rotation of the shaft is increased.
My guess is that the transducer has gone faulty or the connector on the transducer lead has gone bad.
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I had an F reg then an H reg same car.It was.The transducer that caused it on both occasion`s I was lucky to find a scrappy mate that replaced for me.I kept the H reg for 2 years without a problem.cost me £15 inclusive fitting.Don`t know how much new
flashing 'S3', Sterling 827SLi - Aprilia
They used to cost £80-90 new, but its been a long time since I bought one (probably about 1995). There are two or three types, so you need the part no. off the old one.
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Try Best of British for a recon or exchange part. www.sales.bestofbritishrover.btinternet.co.uk/1024...m

Very good value and good service. They saved me a fortune when the ABS pump and ECU died on my old Rover 416SLi
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Are you sure this is not the 3rd service is due 16K times 3 = 48,000 so a major service is due. ???? Is it an LCD display or an S£ independant light. Regards Peter
flashing 'S3', Sterling 827SLi - Art-
Hi All,

Thanks for your responses. I'm relieved to hear I might not need a new transmission, but a transducer instead. I'm looking into that and how to get one as 'we speak'. I'll keep you posted.



PS Thanks for the description and location of the transducer.

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