Locking wheel nut racket - Chad.R
Some of you may know the alloys on my Omega were stolen recently....


To avoid the same happening again, or at least to make it slightly harder, I bought 2 sets of McGard locking wheel nuts* from Halfords and fitted them.

Today was the first time I moved the car since and as soon as I did there was a loud "BANG..BANG..BANG.." noise very similar to hitting a metal plate with a hammer coming from the rear/underneath of the car.

The frequency increased with speed though I was only moving the car gently back and forth in the drive. This and fact that it was driving perfectly before the locking wheel nuts were fitted points towards them fouling on something. I'm not 100% sure but it sounds like its the rear driver's side wheel. The other wheels seem OK but I'll swap the locking wheel nuts one by one and check carefully.

Any ideas what they could be fouling on?

My initial idea was that it could be the protective plate for the brake disc - maybe this was bent went the car was left on bricks?

Thanks in advance,

* McGard ref 27179 for Vx Omega.
Locking wheel nut racket - M.M

The wheel nuts, plain or locking, move with the wheel so as long as they are tight they should not be the source of this noise.

You need to jack up the wheel to spin it and see what is happening.

A displaced disc guard is a very likely cause.

Locking wheel nut racket - Andrew-T
presumably the locking nuts (bolts?) are longer than the standard ones? Disk shield sounds likely, but has to be checked.
Locking wheel nut racket - Dynamic Dave
Several years ago I was advised by the Vauxhall dealer not fit Halford ones, as the taper on the bolt is not the same as the wheel and can damage the brass seat. However, that could have just been a marketing ploy to buy theirs instead.
Locking wheel nut racket - Chad.R
Thanks for the responses.

I swapped the rear driver's side locking nuts for the originals - hey presto, silence. I did notice that the Mcgard nuts have about 2-3mm more thread - if that is the problem, I can't understand why it only occurs on that wheel??

I'll have a closer look at the disc guard on the weekend, as I see it I have 2 options;
1. Rather than trying to move the disc guard to fit the nuts, return them and try the Vx locking ones or just not bother on that wheel.
2. Stick with these and try pushing the disc guard away from the wheel to see if it clears.


Locking wheel nut racket - Andrew-T
Option 3 (assuming we are talking bolts, not nuts) hacksaw off those extra 3mm. (no, I'm not being funny). I presume the car has rear disc brakes - the bolt goes through the disc, into the hub-plate and out the back. Whatever is behind that is being hit.
Locking wheel nut racket - Sooty Tailpipes
I imagine the rear ones are going into the handbrake drum which is built into the rear disc, and the ends of the bolts are smashing up your handbrake mechanisms. Take a rear disc off and look, and if so, claim for new ones from Halfords.


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