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Does anybody know what could be causing my P reg 115k miles diesel Astra to be burning oil all the time? It was serviced two months ago and the oil level is still ok.Worried single Mum of two!
Burning oil - 20w50
could jsut be age of the vehicle, diesels are prone to burn a bit of oil.
is the oil you put in any thinner than what has been used before?
Burning oil - Andrew-T
What do you mean by 'burning oil'? Is the oil level dropping, or is it just a smoky exhaust?
Burning oil - stockbo
Oil level isn't dropping. On starting up there has always been smoke, which I put down to diesel. This is persistant smoke out of the exhaust even if standing or being driven.
Burning oil - madf
If the oil level is not falling but it is producing smoke from exhaust:
1. the fuellling may be too rich (age).. is the smoke blue, black, grey or white.
2. There may be a gasket gone and water in oil and what you see is steam (check water level.. if OK this is wrong)..

I suspect 1.. if so then it may fail MOT emissions test... if smoke is black/sooty then mixture too rich...

Or have you driven it lotsofshort trips , no long ones? May just need a long fast journey to clean it out...


Burning oil - king arthur
Worn or faulty injector pump or injectors will cause smoking on a diesel. Try sticking some injector cleaner (for diesel) in the tank and give it a good run. May not do anything, but won't cost much to try.
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Hmmmmm.....sell it, pdq?
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