welcome back sean, & while you're here - - andymc {P}
Nice to see you're back, if only for a short while. Down to business then - a couple of weeks ago I posted this thread:


Some good responses (which were appreciated), but nothing definitive so far regarding the likelihood of increased wear & tear on the clutch (or anything else) if I chip my car from 110 to 130. Are the same clutch components used in the 130 or 150 bhp engines as in the 110 TDi? Do you think any components are particularly "at risk" if I go ahead with this, eg clutch, turbo, injectors, anything else?
Thanks in advance.

welcome back sean, & while you're here - - sean
Thanks andymc,

I'll try not to bore you.
In a petrol engine it's dead easy to turn up the fuelling and hard to increase the air throughput. Nitrous oxide for racing, then. Gas flowing, multivalve, blue printing of port alignments etc.

No such worries with a diesel, though gas flowing is still a GOOD THING. To increase air intake, alter the vane presentation with engine speed, ie a variable vane turbo geometry. Turn the fuelling up and presto, 180bhp, if you like.

There is nothing much different with the other powertrain components. You won't break the clutch with a Max power take off with 180bhp any more than the driving school learner would in an SDi by riding it.

Driveshafts, wheel bearings etc all have much over-engineering built in.

Have fun, but do tell your insurer.

Cheers, mate.
welcome back sean, & while you're here - - andymc {P}
Wow, really quick reply, thanks. Must admit that I'm trying to train myself out of the bad habit of riding the clutch at junctions, so I should probably be more worried about that! Quite right about the insurance, if the premium goes up by more than £50 I won't be doing it at all.

Anyway - I don't mind being bored, I want to know as much as possible about it all and I'm probably not alone in that. Good to know about the over-engineering, sets my mind at ease - I have a Passat 110 carrying 104k miles that I was thinking of chipping as well.

By the way, your input was missed in another thread on the same subject ...

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