Ford Focus brake light bulb replacement - Rdw
Can anyone tell me how to replace it, and maybe save me some time. I guess the whole light assy has to come out? How? It is a 5 dr hatchback. Thanks for your anticipated help.
Ford Focus brake light bulb replacement - timp
Assuming that this is the left/right brake light rather than the centre one:

There is a plastic nut on the inside of the boot (near the bottom of the light cluster) which needs to be undone. Also there is a screw holding the light cluster in (which is a bit more obvious than the nut). The unit should then come out. Just twist the bulb holder to release if from the lens.

I think there was a Ford TSB on replacing the rear light cluster on Focus hatcbacks if the contacts were found to be rusty when a bulb needed changing.

The centre brake light just requires the removal of the two screws, then unclip the bulb holder from the lens.
Ford Focus brake light bulb replacement - Rdw
Thanks Timp, have just replaced it and all now OK.
Ford Focus brake light bulb replacement - henry k
Just done the same job today for the first time.
Two problems.
1. No mention of the additional locator that pushes into a nylon socket. Having taken out the screw and the wing nut I was reluctant to tug too hard to release the whole unit.
2. My Motorcraft spare twin filiment bulbs from the Sierra did not fit. I had an "interesting" discussion with a shop on the subject but got the "new" bulbs.

This was the first time I became aware that there are different 5W/21W bulbs. There are a full spare set of bulbs in each of the family cars so pleased it came to light so to speak at home where it was reasonably easily sorted.

Be aware centre stop light and front indicators on Mk1 both need a T20 Torx driver.

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