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Does anyone have any experience of these solar powered trickle chargers that you plug in the cigar lighter to keep the battery topped up? There seem to be various models available from £20 to £400 and I know you get what you pay for but is the £20 end of the market a complete waste of time?
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Previous discussion on the subject:-

There was also mention of someone connecting an inverter (12v to 240v mains unit) to the car\'s electrics and using it to power a battery charger.

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That inverter wouldn't work as you can'y get more energy out than you put in.
The inverter and charger would probably be 70% efficient, they would need to be over 100% efficient, which is impossible.
eg, you cant use a motor to power a generator that's powering the motor, it would grind to a halt due to energy losses.

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