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My brother has today purchased a 1998 Nissan Almera GTi which has the 2.0 16V Twin Cam engine. The car has covered a verified 64,000 miles and has a full Nissan service history.

I am told that these engines have two cam chains as opposed to belts.

Does anyone know at what mileage these should be changed according to the manufacturer or experience?

Also are the costs of chains significantly higher than belts and would a breakage cause interference with valves etc.?

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Check out car by car breakdown in left pane.Apart from that regular oil Changes should last longer than car being chain driven
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With chains it's a case of, "if it ain't broke don't fix it". with correct maintenance chains last the life of the engine. You'll only need to change them if they start to rattle and usually they give plenty of warning. i.e they will run with a rattle for a long time before they break.
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100,000 miles.

There have been developments in chains, and not all that recently.

Your camchain has no "O" rings or sealing for life, but is a Daido or DID unit.

They are very good.

When you change the chain, change the tensioner.

Dear. (ie £££££ )

Trust me.
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Change it when it gets noisy; not before.

-- - Pictures say a thousand words.....
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There is a Primera running around near where I live with 500k miles on the clock. It has the SR20De engine (not quite the same as your Almera's) and has never been touched according to the driver.
Main thing is to keep the oil clean with regular changes. Do that and the chain will probably outlive the rest of the car.
Cam chain - when to change? - Wales Forester
Thanks for the advice, I've passed it on to my brother who has also had the same 'leave until it gets noisy' verdict from the selling dealer, so that's the way he'll play it.

Again, money you can't buy advice from the HJ's Backroom!

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Check out website,has very useful advice on Nissan engines.

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