Terrano a non starter - doctorchris
Yesterday I had to disconnect the battery on my Terrano 2.7TDi (had to remove the battery because I was topping it up and dropped one of the filler caps in an obscure corner). Fired up the engine fairly briefly to make sure all was well.
This morning cannot get the car to start. Glow plug light goes on and off fine, engine turns over well despite hard frost. Only odd thing is that when I switch off the ignition the door locks click.
I suspect I have confused the alarm/immobiliser circuitry, though cannot rule out overfuelling or other similar problem from only running engine briefly yesterday.
Any ideas?
Terrano a non starter - neil
Sounds like the NATS (Nissan Anti-Theft System) doing its thing. We had several on the fleet which would do this if battery flattened or disconnected - was always a dealer visit (towed there) to reset it.


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