Steering Lock - Whats the point? - Leon on Derv
Can anyone explain why manufacturers still fit steering locks to cars. I don't mean the after market anti-theft wheel locking devices but the one that engages once the key is removed.

Surely it cant be to prevent theft? Most car thieves can break the lock in seconds, as all cars are fitted with said device it obviously poses no deterrant.

Have I missed something blindingly obvious?

Steering Lock - Whats the point? - buzbee
I have been puzzled too. There have been pictures of two thieves wrenching and braking locks for some time. It seems just extra expense for the poor car owner.

Steering Lock - Whats the point? - smokie
Very little is going to prevent the determined thief. What small inconveneinces like the steering lock WILL do is deter casual joyriders, to some degree.
Steering Lock - Whats the point? - SteveH42
Presumably anything that makes it obvious to someone outside and slows down the stealing process, even if only slightly is good. Someone fiddling with the ignition might not be noticed. Someone wrenching on the wheel would attract attention...
Steering Lock - Whats the point? - jlo

I think that in cars registered after 1996 they have had to have had a imobiliser fitted and in most modern cars this is a transponder design and meets Thatcham Cat 2. Joy riders do not stand a chance with this although now they will highjack you or nick your keys!


Steering Lock - Whats the point? - buzbee
Thnks Jlo. I was about to post the following.

I don't understand that. How can a casual joy rider drive a MODERN car if he does not have the key ?

Second question, if he is less casual, can he jump start said car if he does not have the key?

If the answer to these is in the negative, why fit a steering lock ?

Steering Lock - Whats the point? - andymc {P}
Seems modern cars can be got around if you know how. I have found out how to unlock all the doors and get into a locked and alarmed pre-Bangle BMW 5-Series without triggering the alarm system. I don't know how to jump-start it or anything (nor do I want to), and I have no intention of revealing the trick here, but the method did work until about a year ago or so and is extremely low-tech, to the extent that if you saw it you'd think "Is that all it takes?". Don't know whether it's been the subject of a recall or not.
Steering Lock - Whats the point? - Alan
I only know of one person who has broken their steering lock after loosing the keys. They had heard that it was meant to be easy and only needed a sharp pull on the wheel. It was in fact very very difficult and wrecked the steering wheel. This was on a car which was made fifteen years ago. I assume that the locks are stronger now and even more difficult to break.
Steering Lock - Whats the point? - Blue {P}
I believe that the sterring locks in wheels need a good kicking to break them, but they are definately no deterrant to any car criminal anymore.

The only kind of steering wheel lock that works is large and yellow and has "Disklok" written on it.


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