Focus estate and alloys - Lilsdad
Do alloys make any improvement to perfornce, handling, ride or mpg on a 1.8 LX Focus estate?
Focus estate and alloys - Wales Forester
If they're the same size as the standard fit steel wheels and tyres then there is no difference.


Focus estate and alloys - googolplex
My view of alloys is that they are a purely cosmetic feature and don't make a jot of difference to those who drive sensibly. If you want those silly low profile things, you get the added pleasure of a bumpy ride. Well worth the extra dosh, I think not.
Focus estate and alloys - L'escargot
My experience of alloy wheels (on any car) is that they are more concentric, more circular, and have less axial runout at the rim than steel wheels. The nett result is less vibration, and less problems associated with wheel balancing. The only rider I would add is that it is necessary to have either genuine replacement weights (weights intended for steel wheels don't stay on five minutes) or to have self-adhesive stick-on weights.
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Focus estate and alloys - Burnout2
Large alloys can be problematic - 17" rims or above, with little or no sidewall protection, are very prone to kerb damage, although a low-profile set-up doesn't necessarily equal poor ride quality.

The cosmetic benefits of alloys shouldn't be underestimated; in common with metallic paint they'll enhance the desirability of even workaday cars and just feel less 'low-rent' generally.

I had alloys fitted to my Accord by the dealer, purely because the plastic hubcaps made it look so 'rep-spec'. This made not the slightest difference to perceived ride, handling or performance. However, even if the manufacturer's own model-specific alloys are used (as in my case), this is deemed a modification by the insurance companies and your premium will see a modest rise.

Focus estate and alloys - Malcolm_L
I had a Mondy with alloys, they looked substantial enough but I replaced two of them due to pothole damage.

I had a similar problem with my Passat and I hammered the wheel until it was sorted - try doing that with alloys!

Given the state of the roads, given the choice I\'d stick with steel wheels.

Focus estate and alloys - Lilsdad
Many thanks for the range of replys overall the opinion appears to lean towards alloys being of only marginal benefit apart from cosmetic which is a personal call, which was HJ's opinion. I'll stick with my steels at this time.

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