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Dear All

Has anybody out there had problems with the key for the VW MK4 breaking at the part that attaches to the key ring so that it can no longer be put on a key ring.

I know that it is only a small thing, but both the keys supplied with the vehicle have now broken like this, and it is only a matter of time before one is lost.

Any ideas on a way forward, as you would expect VW are not interested.


Matt J
VW Golf Keys - HectorG
Hi Matt

I assume your remarks relate to the 'plipper' type key fobs that operate remote central locking.

I had an early Mk4 Golf (1998). The key fob attached to the key ring by a ridiculous small ring which deformed and detached itself from the keyring frequently which was very annoying. I now have a 2001 reg Golf and was pleased to find when I collected the car that the key fob now has a sturdy metal bracket across the whole width of the key.Over the past 2 years of ownership (from new) this has proved indestructible.

I am sure you could replace your old key fob with a new one, but it will be expensive. Maybe VW will supply the outer case only - it is the same in all respects except the attachment mechanism.

VW Golf Keys - HotTowelSir
Dear HectorG

Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately the sturdy metal bracket, which I have as the car is March 2001 registered, is not as strong as it looks, and one end breaks off from the key fob itself.

This has happened on both of the supplied keys. I am not convinced that it is metal.

Matt J

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