loose fanbelt - Sarb11
I've just had my cambelt changed but the fan belt has now started squealing ever since. Is this due the cam belt being changed and therefore the garage should rectify this free of charge?
loose fanbelt - Civic8
It is possible the alternator drive belt has not been correctly adjusted.which will cause the belt to squeel.In which case the garage should put right.at the same time find out if it is in need of replacement.some don`t tell you
loose fanbelt - David_S
Are you sure it is the fan belt that is squealing?
If so get the garage to readjust/replace.

Was it a main dealer? they usualy change all auxillary belts as
a matter of course when doing a cam belt change, was the tensioner pulley replaced at the same time?

Also beware that incorrectly fitted or tensioned cam belts can also squeal as well as the water pump which is often driven by the cam belt!

In any case if it was ok before the cam belt change and squealing after then the garage has done not done something right.

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