Mondeo cambelt - para
I have a W reg 2ltre Zetec Mondeo Auto (Petrol) with 34000 miles on the clock. Does anyone know when the cambelt should be changed - I don't want to get told off by John !
Mondeo cambelt - No Do$h
From Car-By-Car Breakdown for Mondeo to 2000: "On Zetec E petrol engines, several reports of timing belt tensioner pulley heating up and shattering after 5 - 6 years and 60 - 80,000 miles. Essential to replace the pulley at the same time as the belt."

On that basis, I would play safe and say right about now...

FWIW, my car is due a cambelt at 72k (diesel 156 not covered by the TSB to change at 72k) but I will be getting it done next month with the three year service (by which time 30k on the clock).

Extra £500 versus possible £2.5k rebuild? I'll flex the plastic in my wallet now I think.

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