Internet car advert scam - Hugo {P}
Just thought you all ought to know, someone out there obviusly thinks I came down with the last shower.

I advertised my car on Findit Freeads and received an e mail asking me what my lowest price was.

On replying, I then got this email, the contents of which I have cut ane pasted below.

"Thanks for your email,i have called my shipper and he has promised to
come for the pickup of Citroen as soon as we seal this
transaction.A client of mine is owing me some fund in GBP (£4500),I
will instruct him to issue a cashier cheque in your name and once the
cheque clears,You will deduct the cost of the Citroen plus the
tax and my balance will be send back to me via western union money
transfer for immediate shipping arrangment.The reason for this is
that it takes 1-2 days for a check to clear there while it takes a
longer time for a check to clear here.If this is okay with you do get
back to me immediately with your full name, contact address and phone
number for me to instruct my client to issue the check in your name.
Thanks for your understanding in anticipation.
Best regards,

I suspect that the car would have been picked up and that would have been it.

Obviously I replied "Cash on Collection or no deal.

Are the Police aware of this and how can you report it and to whome??


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Internet car advert scam - Colin M
This is a common Nigerian based scam. A Google search will bring up relevant links.

Internet car advert scam - No Do$h

There are some worthwhile links on the above thread that will explain the whole thing. Rest assured, nobody will ever come to get the car.


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