Fixed our 306 Autodiagnostic Light - AgentSmith77
Last weekend car went for a full service at local garage, 2 days later diagnostic light came on and engine was missing. Fortunately have OBD2 diag cable ( - said P1203 Injector Cyl 3, fortunately thanks to this board that led me to either faulty spark plug, or coil pack breaking up.

Replaced the plug, no joy, new coil pack (bougicord type, instead of evidently rubbish sagem type) - 45+vat from job done. Used my cable to turn the light off.

definately saved a few quid over taking it to the dealer.... thanks to this board.

Fixed our 306 Autodiagnostic Light - johnlbailey
Hi wonder if you can help, noticed you had a problem with your autodiag warning light?

My Peugeot 306 HDI's autodiag light has just come on, but the car is running great. I phoned the dealer and he wants £55 just to connect the car up to the computer, and rather worryingly says it could be the engine management system? What diag kit would you recommend, I couldnt make head or tail of the web site?



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