vectra key coding - the conductor
hi friend has n vectra 1.8 i but only one key.
do keys have to be supplied by vx dealer and coded to car by them or is it something that can be done like ford by turning
key a certain amount of times
any help appricated thanks richard.
vectra key coding - Sooty Tailpipes
The new new key will have to be added to the car using the TECH tool, or possibly by a young wippersnapper locksmith with a laptop.
vectra key coding - John S
Your friend needs the 'Car Pass'. This gives the key data and VX can quickly supply a ready cut key for the car given that information. As has been stated, it will still need the ECU programmed to accept the new chip in the new key (using the Vx tool), and that needs the ECU code, also on the car pass. These things tend not to get handed on but the VX dealer will obtain a car pass for your friend, but it will cost him about £8. They contain the radio code etc so are very useful. He needs to arrive at the dealer with the car and proof of ownership to order a car pass.


John S
vectra key coding - Chris M
Had to buy a spare key for my 01Y Vectra. Cost nearly £80 from Vx and would have been similar price from a couple of local locksmiths. Part of the price was to programme it. I just turned up with the car, didn't have to provide any documentation and the chap on the spares counter took about 20 minutes to 'make' a spare. Price also included a cup of coffee, a magazine and some Lego to play with.

However, my previous 96P Vectra had an plain key. The central locking was on a separate fob. Not sure that that key had any chip in it. I never needed to buy a spare.

Chris M
vectra key coding - John S

It's possible the dealer got the ECU code over the phone - to the best of my knowledge it is needed. Yes, your 01 vectra key will be expensive, as it's a combined key and remote. The conductor's friend's N Reg will, as you say, have a separate key and remote, so the key alone will be much cheaper. It will certainly be a chipped key though.


john S
vectra key coding - Cyrill666 {P}

I purhcased a 99 Vectra just over a year ago - it came with a single remote key and rather than finding myself without it I went to the local dealer for a spare. I had the option of a 'remote' key (about £80 I think) or just the 'chipped' key (just over £50 I believe).

Annoyingly a few weeks after that the spare key turned up in the post from the garage I bought the car from - so I now have two spares... oh well, better safe than sorry I suppose!

Kind regards,

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