Clio upgrade - Is it worth it? - Gem
I currently have a 1.4RT Clio, with body damage, and missing wing mirror, on an L '93 reg, 78500 miles.
I have been offered an M '95 same model, 71000 miles, with the bonus of PAS and FSH, £750.
Is this small upgrade worth it, or should I save up for a newer car?
Clio upgrade - Is it worth it? - Ivor E Tower
In a word , NO (well that's my opinion anyway)
Another £750 on a 10-year old car should get you a much better vehicle not just a slightly newer one with a few more "toys" on it.
Clio upgrade - Is it worth it? - Andrew-T
If you are hard up, like the colour, want the extras and would feel better without the damage, go for it. Otherwise spend a bit more and get one a couple of years younger. There are lots out there so you can pick and choose.

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