VW Badge/Trim Repairs - OlafS
Where can I get a brand spankin new/ or a very shiney VW badge, front and rear for my Mk. 3 Golf?
Also, the trim on the driver side at the rear is coming loose. Is there a cheap way of securing it properly?

Many thanks,

VW Badge/Trim Repairs - Anglesey Ian

Don't know much about the latter part of your question but as regards the former, try E Bay UK under 'car parts by manufacturer'. Over the past few weeks there have been original Saab badges (front and rear) going for a song.


VW Badge/Trim Repairs - volvoman
Don't know if they stock the item but have you tried Eurocarparts ? I've found them very good and they'd be well worth checking out for any other bits you need.
VW Badge/Trim Repairs - OlafS
Thanks for the advise lads! I have tried Ebay but no parts for my Golf. Will try Eurocarparts and let you know!


VW Badge/Trim Repairs - mlj
The mark 3 'badges' are plastic with a little silver paint. Either a cost cutting change or, as I suspect, a movefrom detachable metal ones that became quite collectable in the 80s.
VW Badge/Trim Repairs - Phoenicks
Go to your local VW dealer. a lot cheaper than you think for the badges (but not much else!)

I paid £6 for a GTI badge for my MK3 Golf GTI after some oik nicked it.

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