Audi A4 radio reception - turner
I am getting poor radio reception on my Audi A4 Avant radio ('Concert')in some areas out of town - the worst so far being in Winterbourne Stoke in Wiltshire on the A303. The dealer has swapped the radio but without improvement and appears baffled. The location is in a steep dip but I have never experienced this with other cars/radios. Is it perhaps due to the 'hidden' aerial? (the handbook doesn't say where it is).
Audi A4 radio reception - SlidingPillar
A hidden aerial is probably a wire in glass somewhere. either the heated rear window or even a side window (land rover discoveries are thus).

Never as good as traditional aerials. But beloved of car designers as it does not "spoil" the lines of their "wonderful" design (in other words, I think most new cars look horrible anyway!)

But, Winterbourne Stoke is a difficult location. I'd expect ok service with some radio sets and not others.

Often you can improve the performance of any radio by installing it properly, which as far as I know, no manufacturers does. On the back of the radio, there is nearly always a stud. Using a bolt, secure a piece of thick wire or braid to this, and fix the other end to a metal part of the cars structure, making good elecrical contact. This dramatically improves the screening of the set, therefore cuts down car generated interference, and effectivly improves the sensitivity of the radio, which is what you want.

I'd give you the same advice professionally and apart from any therory, I've done it in the past and it works.

Audi A4 radio reception - Aretas
I have an A4 Avant with the Chorus radio and the reception is appalling. The FM signal is lost for a fraction of a second every few seconds, or even several times a second. The radio, the aerial amplifier and even the aerial (near side rear window) have all been changed, all to no effect. I should like to do some experimentation of my own, but can't see how to remove the rear trim to get at the aerial amplifier.

I wrote to Audi via their web site, but appart from getting an acknowledgement have had no other response.

In every other respect I love the car, but am so disappointed that I can't get this resolved.

If you ever get a solution I would love to know.

I have come to the conclusion that signal levels in Germany must be higher than in the UK.
Audi A4 radio reception - DL
Shame, it spoils the ultimate enjoyment of the car.

I should know - the Missus keeps ripping the roof aerial off my A4 TDi on the garage door!

I've given up....she can listen to tapes from now on.
Audi A4 radio reception - turner
I get the FM signal 'hiccups' too.

It all sounds like a design fault, for the UK market anyway. I shall follow your example and complain to Audi UK.
Audi A4 radio reception - Malcolm_L
I had the same problem on my Passat, FM reception kept disappearing momentarily.

I spoke to VW about this and they suggested disabling RDS and TP (traffic reports).
This worked - I've subsequently enabled RDS and had no problems so it would appear to be something to do with TP.

Audi A4 radio reception - Altea Ego
Its the M4/M5 for you then

The Laguna has no Aerial, its in the back window. Reception is fine EXCEPT when i plug the phone charger into the power socket... very wierd
Audi A4 radio reception - daryld
..been there, done that...

My Seat Arosa (aka VW Lupo parts bin) had non-existent FM reception from new. Just kept fading, or crackling, or both. Radio was unusable for FM. Funny thing though was when the brakes were applied the recetion was 100% clear.

Dealer changed radio, aerial, aerial ampliflier, aerial co-ax cable (now THATS a big job...), battery, alternator, brake pads, brake shoes, earth straps, wiring loom in dashboard. They even had a independant Stereo expert have a go-no joy. Eventually the SEAT techinal boffin came down and instructed a 'rear brake grounding kit'-whatever that is. And it worked. 100% clear FM ever since.
Audi A4 radio reception - Arfur
In my time with my A4 I drove 2 others, and 2 A2's and one A6 and all of them had terrible radio reception. Seems to be a generic Audi thing.

Note with the A4 there is a booster of some description under the parcel shelf at the back. This is powered from the accessory supply on the back of the stereo. If I remember there is an issue where an aftermarket stereo is fitted and the supply to this booster is not connected. Apparently when that is the case the reception will be very bad.

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