TNS200 + ETA - available in France? - Adventurer
I have an Avensis fitted with thei TNS200 SatNav system and ETA (Electronic Traffic Avoidance) option. Given that my local dealer has supplied the correct CD for France, should the ETA function work/be available? It all works OK in the UK using the UK CD.
TNS200 + ETA - available in France? - Cambridge
Sadly, no.

The nav will work as it is autonomous and just needs the CD map and GPS location.

The ETA needs a supplier of live traffic information. Toyota does not yet have a supplier of this for France. So it will not work.

They are working on suppliers in France, Germany, and the Netherlands, but nothing is available yet.
TNS200 + ETA - available in France? - Adventurer
Thanks for the info.

The second reason I had for asking (first was 'cos I wanted to use it)is that the TMC-Forum lists four suppliers for France and suggests that inter-European roaming is possible (similar to mobile phones).

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