Good driving routes? - Dan
Hi all,
Any suggestions on good driving routes in the UK, and why? This could be for any reason - challenging, uncongested, scenic, no speed cam's etc...
Sorry if this topic's been up before - l couldn't find it.

Re: Good driving routes? - John Davis
A route which appeals to me, ie, getting across, from the North Midlands, to the Cotswolds, is the old Roman road, the Fosse Way. It always seems traffic free and passes quite close to various motoway access points. If you are in a hurry, don't use it but, there is a lot to see and, I seem to remember, very few "Gatso's". Look on the map for a very straight line from around Leicester to Stow On The Wold.
Re: Good driving routes? - David Woollard

Think you'll pass the HJ rules on this, don't remember anyone ever asking.

For me the Central Highlands are the best I have driven in. Long sweeping roads with little traffic and good long distance visibility. Good surfaces due to the stability of road foundations too.

Had a blast many years ago when we were on holiday up there. One day I went to check a hotel a few miles from our cottage. Ended up doing extra 40 miles just for the pleasure of it.

Saab 99 Turbo 2dr. Limited production model with one of the best mid range top gear acceleration times of any car to date. Fitted with optional self levelling air rear suspension. Fitted the roads perfectly.

Where we are now in the Fens is fine for visibility, long straights, few people, little traffic need very good suspension as the road foundations move by the month and there are some very sharp bends.

Re: Good driving routes? - Brian
I'd second your choice of Scotland, David.

The A9 running down from Newtonmore to Perth is a great drive, open and sweeping with fantastic views, fast and safe due to the good visibility and road surface, deer to be seen on the hillside and skyline, etc., etc..
Re: Good driving routes? - Dan
Very glad about the Scotland bias as l'm going up there (Argyll) in October for a wee while with the car.
Re: Good driving routes? - sam
i think we all need some new car gadgets

GPS system loaded with camera positions, that warns you when youre getting near, can double up as navigation tool since road signs are so poor

front and rear facing video camera, rear one hooked up to some charagter recognition software which reads a spreadsheet of unmarked/marked police reg numbers and flashes a little beacon when it spots one - doubles up as providing recorded evidence when you see a police car being driven dangerously

dont think either of these measure would be illegal
Re: Good driving routes? - John Slaughter
There is a system which warns of (fixed) camera locations via GPS. It's called a 'Geodysy' or similar. Apparently legal.


Geodesy GPS - Darcy Kitchin
John's right, (nearly).

Called the Geodesy GPS; check it out at


anyone used one of these gadgets?
Re: Geodesy GPS - Stuart B
Darcy Kitchin wrote:
> anyone used one of these gadgets?

Darcy they are uncanny, the lights come on and you get more lights the nearer you get and there it is, hidden behind a hedge.

Cannot speed with them as there is no detecton of mobile or organic sites, but if the trigger limits get to zero tolerance as in the second stage of the White Paper then they could be a licence saver.

Plus if you spot a new site if you can download the new site by phone to the central database then you get a payment, but they do tend to get swamped by reports of trafficmaster cameras from dozy herberts.

However not sure if one would work on the jetski in Poole harbour!

Mind you drove through the Specs on M6 between Spaghetti and Jn 7 on Bank Holiday Monday early doors. There was myself, two cars and a HGV around the 40 limit, everyone else *must* have got the 3pts and £60. These things must be making a fortune.
Re: Geodesy GPS - Darcy Kitchin
Thanks Stuart

Speeding in the Synergie requires some effort so does not come naturally.

Also allows me to take moral high ground in past speeding threads.

Re: Good driving routes? - Tom Shaw
Just moved from the London/Essex border to Pembrokeshire, and all the requirements you mention seem to be here. Rush hours don't exist, and you'll get plenty of overtaking practise as a lot of the locals never exceed 40mph.
Re: Good driving routes? - Andrew Smith
When my other half was at university near Exeter I used to love my frequent bombs down the A303 (I live in SE London).
Trouble is I think this road is Littered with cameras now. Haven't been this way for a few years.
Re: Good driving routes? - Antony
I agree: the whole A9 road from Stirling to Inverness is well worth a trawl. It`s such a leisurely drive and you can easily be the only car on the road for miles and miles. Beautiful wildlife. At home with nature. Beware, though, the A9 is notoriously dangerous.
Re: Good driving routes? - Stuart B
Just a few favourites.

Yorkshire Dales away from grockle season, remember an epic drive through Wharfedale, and across too many other dales to mention ending up at Kirkby Stephen.
Trough of Bowland.
B6255 and loop round Whernside near Ingleton N Yorks via Dent & Deepdale or Barbon, watch the drops on some sudden 90's?
Goyt valley in N Derbyshire again just watch the drops.
Abergwesyn-Tregaron old drovers road in the principality (Powys)
Cumbria, Hard Knott and Wrynose passes at night only too many tourists in day, again watch it!

Just be a bit careful at the moment as some of these are in FMD hotspots please.

And please don't go so bananas you spoil it for the rest. You do not have to speed for these roads to be enjoyable, if you do and get caught don't blame the officer.

By the way if you go off it will be a long walk, lets be careful out there.
Re: Good driving routes? - Ian Cook
I agree about the A9. I travelled it this summer from Sterling to Inverness, and then on to Kinlochewe (betwixt Kyle of Lochalsh and Ullapool). A much better bet with a caravan than the congested scenic rout past Loch Lomond.
Re: Good driving routes? - Ian Cook
My favourite driving route is in South Gloucestershire to the Anchor at Oldbury-on-Severn.

No traffic lights.
No speed cams.
Nice scenery.
The van knows the way there - and back.
And draft Bass at the end of the rainbow!
Re: Geodesy GPS - Tim Guymer
A44 Llangurig to Aberystywyth or the Mountain road from Rhayaedor to Aberystwyth passing through Devils Bridge (used for photo shoots lots)

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