Megane spark plugs (quickie) - Colin-CKi-net
Hi Guys,

Need a quick and difinitive answer to the following question.

Renault Megane 2.0 RXE which sparkplugs should be used - champion part number or plug number needed.

Would really help with the following story for those who care to read it:-
Megane spark plugs (quickie) - Colin-CKi-net
Right, sad story.
Megane 2.0 RXE spat out a spark plug one morning, car was picked up by RAC and identified as stripped thread. Towed to usual garage (non Renault) and plug hole was helicoiled. all seemed fine for 2 weeks, then sudden misfire - leading to complete failure of ignition in one cylinder. Took plug out, Core was heavily damaged, earth finger (?) was compltely missing and there was 2 turns of the Helicoil right at the bottom of the plug thread (at the tip not the seat)
Took car back to Garage, they have now apparrently put in an oversized helicoil, then fitted another helicoil inside that to bring the thread size down to 14mm. charge for first job £60, done on the car, Costs for second job £312, head off the car, This £312 apparently is reduce by £60 for the first job.

Should the bill be paid. Personally i think that the work should be carried out for the original costs, as the C*&%ked it up, had it been done correctly and an insert been fitted like the snap on one, then the job would have
A. been easy,
B. Been permanent,
C. not needed doing a second time.

Your Vote?
Megane spark plugs (quickie) - Malcolm_L
Seen this a long time ago on a Honda 125, helicoil had rotated in the thread causing the end to emerge, this then contacted the plug tip causing intermittent misfiring.

The initial job wasn't done right - however inserting another helicoil inside an oversized helicoil is a complete bodge, incidentally this could cause problems with heat dissipation for the plug - you might want to check and possibly put a cooler plug in.

If they took the head off why didn't they ream and fit an insert?

If it's your usual garage, do they usually change the spark plugs - if so I'd point out that they probably caused the original fault through over-torqueing the plugs.

I'd contact the RAC and let them have a go if the garage doesn't put it right to your satisfaction.

Megane spark plugs (quickie) - Colin-CKi-net

Quite agree with you on the bodge, and the correct solution, as i understand it Snapon do a kit for about £150 with 5 inserts which is designed to be done with the head on the car. Would have been the cheaper option, now assume that if there are any other problems then the head is knackered and will have to be replaced. not my car, wouldn't trust that to a garage, this is on behalf of a friend.

Plugs were changed (possibly) at the last service for what i think were Champion N9YC - R's by another garage, this lot are blaming the wrong heat rating of the plug as the cause, funny how the other 3 are absolutely fine.

Spoke to the RAC, they want £175 for an inspection and will need the head off. They suggested that we go to small claims court to recover the money. More tempted to pay on credit card then phone the CC company and explain the bodge and get payment witheld.

Megane spark plugs (quickie) - Colin-CKi-net

Maybe i should put this one to bed, The car came back, and we asked for a description of the work carried out and the reasonings etc.

It appears that the head was removed and taken to an engineering company where an "insert" was fitted. Hopefully this is a legitimate insert and not the Double Helicoil which they were intending. The £312 was arrived at by taking off the labour charge from job number 1 but was done by giving a discount, not a refund as i guess that could have been seen as admission of liability.

Car is running fine, and they have put a 6 month warranty on the work.

Time will tell.

Anyone wanting to opine on this, feel free.

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