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My brother is selling his sony minidisc head unit (about 4 years old) and I am quite tempted to buy it off him as it will only cost me a couple of pints.

The problem is he doesn't have the manual for it (only the reciept) and therefore doesn't have a code for it or any documentation that might have a code on it. I'm not sure if one is necessary for aftermarket stereos? Does anyone know of a way of finding out a stereos code so that it can be used or do i need to contact sony directly?
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You might find a manual here :-
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About 5 or 6 years ago I was fitting sony sterio's on a regular basis ( VW in there wisdom had an advertising campaign letting all the tea leaves know that the Golf match had a Sony CD player )
Non of these had codes.

As for the instruction manual...............who needs one of them ???
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I have a new Sony. Unlike the original player it replaced, it doesn't have a code. I don't know whether this applies to all Sonys.

car stereo - no code - rawedge
thanks both
my brother has had service work done - so that battery should have had connections removed when the work was done and then reconnected so if it needed a code it should have shown up as an issue then

fingers crossed it doesn't need one

is it possible to take it to someone/a company to find out the code - are there people that do this sort of thing?
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Hi Rawedge,

Try this company,

Davidson Electronics,
Unit 9,
New Road,
Nr Montrose,
DD10 0HD

The proprieter, Graeme Davidson will try to help you with any radio problems you have,this includes radio codes. If a code does not work, you don't pay, simple as that (£9 by the way) he couldn't do enough to help me, thoroughly recommended.
By the way he is also on the internet at

Hope this helps, Pastyman
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Graeme (Davidson) is a good friend of mine and I can't recommend him highly enough.He fixed a very obscure fault in my Xantia radio and re-soldered my key fobs. He will attempt almost anything and very seldom fails! Radio codes - no problem.

Graeme (no- another one!)

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