Light patches on paintwork - Kuang
I took advantage of the decent weather yesterday to give my old Skoda a good once-over and a thorough cleanup, and noticed that I have a few patches on the roof where the paintwork has lightened considerably. It resembles the oxidation I used to get on the bonnet of my MK2 Golf, but that was more or less consistent across the surface and this is in clearly defined areas of between one and three inches across.

Wherever you find one of these patches there are usually a series of light scratches on the surface, as if someone has been a bit harsh with rubbing compound without properly cleaning the surface first.

Not knowing much about the intricacies of car paint, I wondered what the chances were that the scratches could have damaged enough of the top layer to allow the chemicals in shampoos/waxes/etc to damage the underlying paint? I was about to try to safe-cut the marks out, but I don't want to do more harm than good..

Any advice would be appreciated :)
Light patches on paintwork - Miller
Sounds like bird droppings that have been left on a few weeks before trying to be removed with over-zealous rubbing with a rough sponge (or fingernail!)

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Light patches on paintwork - Blue {P}
Just give the whole car a T-cut follwed by wax/polish and I bet it'll be fine...


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