Overpriced Corolla? - weatherwitch
I would really appreciate some guidance here please. I'm going to have a look at this car tomorrow, but I think it's overpriced having done a quick check via the AutoTrader search.

The advertising says:
"Toyota Corolla 1.3 Sportif , Petrol, 1995 N Reg , Green,
Hatchback, 3 Doors. 1 Year Parts and Labour Warranty, 110 Point Check, 5 Speed, Central Door Locking, Paint Metallic, Power-Assisted Steering, Stereo. £2,395 "

There is no mention of mileage. However it will give me some good idea of what to expect for age, condition etc. I found another N reg (96) for even more, but many other N's of both years for less but were quite a distance away (all trade). Ill health means I can't travel too far so does kind of drastically restrict my choices of where to buy, but I'm only interested in Corollas now anyway.

Can you guide me here please? I am right in thinking it's overpriced?
Overpriced Corolla? - KB.
Others will advise more accurately and a copy of Parkers will give you a rough guide - and even better.....see what other similar ones are going for, but yes, it does sound too much to me
Overpriced Corolla? - DavidHM
Parkers suggests dealer retail of £1860 at 'average mileage', but a quick scan over AutoTrader suggests a value of about £2k.

To be honest, given that you presumably want to keep the car for at least five years, and maintenance and fuel costs will matter more to you than depreciation (i.e., purchase price) I would be prepared to pay a premium in your situation.

Not too much of course but if you are trading in your car, and got £400 against that price, you'd be doing okay. If you're not trading it, £2k might be within easy haggling distance but you never know your luck so start at £1800.

All this assumes that the car is in excellent condition, with full history, bills and receipts, previous MoTs, no faults, no scrapes, etc (and a five figure mileage wouldn't hurt!). If it's truly mint, it's well worth paying a couple of hundred over book to get it. This is especially true if it's not easy for you to get around - you have limited choice and unfortunately, that means you're going to have to pay a premium or get lucky.
Overpriced Corolla? - dodo
Theres a Corolla near me for sale - same year, same model, same mileage - £925!!! I live in Northern ireland
Overpriced Corolla? - DavidHM
Used car prices are much lower over there though; I guess this must be because of the higher insurance premiums so the overall cost of running a car evens out.
Overpriced Corolla? - weatherwitch
Many thanks for the advice so far. Tomorrow will tell, I've got my print out of the Car by car breakdown ready, and will also be able to see for myself the condition, mileage, and cars papers etc, then see what I can get the dealer down to. If I don't like the car I'll try haggling for the practice!

I'm in North Yorkshire anyway, so Northern Irelands just a bit too far to drive to get that bargain price, but thanks for that anyway.

Overpriced Corolla? - Update - weatherwitch
Update - I wasn't able to practice my haggling skills for laughter.

Well I went to view the Corolla, what a waste of time. Got to the garage and found the car mucky outside and filthy inside. If it wasn't for the photo in the ad we wouldn't have known it was for sale as there were no price tags or anything to imply it was for sale.

It turns out that the salesman has been driving it as his is off the road, (so he says anyway!). When I asked him what he could tell us about it, so he told us it's a Toyota Corolla, 1.3 (we'd never have guessed you know!) He then told it was a 1996 model so I told him it was actually a 95, he said it had 55k on the clock, (well he must have put 2k on it then with his driving it everywhere). He then mentioned the special extras, the PAS and C/L, and was slightly irritated when I pointed out that was standard, (I'd decided that car was NOT for me anyway!) and the driver and passenger air bags, I was very suspicious of that but kept quiet, I'm sure that age model doesn't have them. It's had 2 careful owners (read careless) and I most certainly don't believe the 57k on the clock, the pdeals were well worn and the seats are worse condition (for an 8 year old car) than mine are at 16 years. They were sagging, ripped, marked and torn. He got a little miffed when I suggested that a stamped service book was not a real Full Service History, and turned an indignant bright red when my mother (in her very posh accent!) loudly suggested that the vehicle was extremely overpriced for it's condition and then went on to point out the rust on the sills, wheel arches, and around the boot, and the interiors terrible condition as well.

Oh yes, did I mention his first mistake was dealing with my mother and not me, I might look about 18 but I'm 30 for heavens sake! I'm the cash buyer - not my mother!

Needless to say I'm still looking but have another car to view tomorrow.
Overpriced Corolla? - Update - Dan J
I told him it was actually a 95

He got a little miffed when I suggested that a stamped
service book was not a real Full Service History

and turned an indignant bright red when my mother (in her
very posh accent!)

Go girls!

Good for you - I only wish I'd been there... Brings these cocky sales reps down a peg or two and I only wish more women took that attitude.

I found out from a very early age that in a private ad, "good condition" can mean anything from immaculate (it happens but as likely as rocking horse poo) through to "an MOT certificate with 1 ton of scrap metal". You then find out later in life that it sadly applies to garages as well without the "immaculate" stage. Am sure you'll find a good onein the end. It's a shame it's near on impossible to buy proper franchise part-exs these days as there were bargains to be had in those days...


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