Escort Estate - sun blinds - johnf
During the recent hot spell, I have been trying to avoid carrying my dog in the rear compartment of my Escort Estate('99).

However, now that I have no option, I have been trying to get a set of sun blinds for the rear side and back windows. Halfords have some roller ones for the sides, but their back ones are too big - the sucker pads are way outside the glass area! Local Ford dealer tells me that they have never produced a rear blind for an Escort Estate, in fact they currently don't have one for a Focus Estate either. Well, thanks guys!

So, the question is - does anyone know where I can get a rear window sun blind suitable for an Escort Estate('99)?

Escort Estate - sun blinds - Altea Ego

Glad to see we have responsible pet owners on here. Dogs do get very uncomfortable in cars. I have some suggestions

1/ Toddle down to the local DIY emporium and check out the cut to fit roller blinds. I am sure a spot of adventurous thinking can devise a way to fit it.

2/Pet tent. You can get pet tents, these can be used outside the cars on hot days as well. Its sort of a fold up portable fabric kennel.

3/ 12 volt fan fixed in back.

When its hot, my dog travels in the hatch bit of my laguna with the parcel shelf in place. With one side of the rear seats folded down she can poke her head out any time she likes, or shelter in the dark cool recesses of the boot

Of course everything is absolutely useless in a parked car in the sun. Just come back from a week in Devon where owners left dog in car under shade of tree. They forgot the sun moves. Fortunately Devon and Cornwalls finest boys in blue turned up, smashed window and saved dog.
Escort Estate - sun blinds - johnf
Thanks for the suggestions. Unless I misunderstood your first reply, I don't think I could get away with a DIY roller blind "on the move". Guess the visibility would be "illegal"!

Pet tent - possibly, I will toddle down to my local Petsmart, or whatever they call themselves these days. Knowing my dog, he would detest one of these.

Fan - now that's something I never thought about. I suppose you can attach these to the wiring somehow, and run them off the car battery?

I also run a Focus hatch, but angle of hatch too severe for dog(Saluki) to stand upright. Like your thinking on half-and-half. Will also try this.
Escort Estate - sun blinds - SeanO
I had the same requirement for the rear window of a primera hatch. Found a stateside site at trading as solar-e-clips. cost me approx £30 inc shipping for a retractable sun blind. Good quality and the dog is happy. You might have to make a few adjustments to make it fit. Give them a call , they are very helpful


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