Focus air intake - Wales Forester
Hi all,

A friend of mine is having a new Focus TDCi delivered on Sept 1st, he\'s tarting it up along the lines of the ST170.

Amongst the bits he\'s adding/changing is the front bumper air intake grille which is situated at the bottom of the bumper between the front fog lights.
The standard grille consists of a horizontal bar with a criss cross backing.
The ST170 grille which he is fitting as a replacement is basically just a honeycombe version of the above, but the Ford parts computer specifically states that it is not suitable for fitting to diesel vehicles, we assume because of the amount of air it allows to pass through it.

Will there be a very noticeable difference in the air that flows thru the two different grilles? If so, is he likely to do the engine/cooling system/turbo any damage if he goes ahead and fits it?

I\'m worried he may invalidate his warranty but the dealer seems happy to supply the bits.

Over to the Ford experts.....

Focus air intake - jc
As long as the dealer isn't fitting them,it's nothing to do with him-you say your friend has been warned they're not suitable for diesels so it's upto him and,yes,it is to do with air to cooling system,intercooler and brakes.
Focus air intake - DL
Probably something to do with water ingress to the air filter?

Diesels and water do not mix!
Focus air intake - robert

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