Best 4X4 for Towing at Weekends? - Tiggy1
Hi there

I would like some advice on best 4x4 for towing a horsebox (max all up weight 2500 kg) at weekends but running to work during the week. In other words, I want reasonable fuel economy 5 days a week and the ability to tow me and my beloved safely up hill and down dale at weekends.

Currently looking at Discos / Grand Cherokees et al. Budget max £20K.
Many thanks

Best 4X4 for Towing at Weekends? - DavidHM
A three year old Mercedes ML270 CDi with about 80k should be available on budget, just. It'll tow 3.5 tonnes and return 30 mpg on its own, at least according to the EU figures.

If you were looking at buying new, the VW Touareg offers very similar performance in a more car like package for about £29k.
Best 4X4 for Towing at Weekends? - T Lucas
3.0 TD Landcruiser Colorado/Prado will do everything you want without fuss and total reliability.
Best 4X4 for Towing at Weekends? - dg1
Kia Sorento XE for £18,000 or XS model for £20,500. Rated to tow 2800kg and returns 32+ mpg during the week.
Best 4X4 for Towing at Weekends? - terryb

I tow a caravan (MTPLW 1640 Kg) with a Grand Cherokee and it's fine. Bit thirsty on diesel though. Shoguns are pretty popular as horsebox tugs.

Best 4X4 for Towing at Weekends? - Tiggy1
To all who responded to the original posting, many thanks for all your suggestions - we've certainly made a thorough investigation of the possibilities and decided on ..... a Kia Sorento ... which should be arriving next Friday ! Will let you know later if we made the right choice, but it has been difficult to find a bad word spoken/written about them, so we'll see.

Thanks once again for all your help.
Best 4X4 for Towing at Weekends? - Dan J
Hi Tiggy

If you go down the Disco route, whatever you do *don't* buy one (diesel) with an auto gear box. They are nothing short of horrific!

Best 4X4 for Towing at Weekends? - DavidHM
Just on the Shogun point... an ex had one (or rather her dad did, and she used it) to tow horses. Now I'm sure it was great as a tow car, but as a road car, it was absolutely hateful - unstable, cramped and noisy. Considering how much it cost, it's comfortably the worst car I've ever been in.


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