Renault Espace Tailgate Window - Adrian
The gas struts have begun to ping off their metal balls when I open the tailgate window. I thought the plastic sockets on the strut ends may have worn so I lashed out £60 on a new pair (you can never just buy the bit that\'s broken, can you?!) only to find that it\'s made no difference.

Anyone got any ideas about what to try next? If it works you can have half of the labour charge a Renault dealer would have fleeced me for (about three million quid at today\'s rates) without any guarantee of success!
Renault Espace Tailgate Window - PR {P}
Are the gas struts lined up properly? If they were slightly out of line I would think this might happen? Try looking at another one to see if yours look the same?
Renault Espace Tailgate Window - Altea Ego
Dont kow the espace well enought to comment, but is it both gas struts? If its both then they could be out of line or the tailgate could have side to side movement. Do the struts have wire clips to hold over the neck of the ball? Are the balls on screw in metal studs? if so - try changing them.

Word of warning here, be very careful, the struts are powerful and can easily ping thro the rear window, or worse into your head or eye.
Renault Espace Tailgate Window - AR-CoolC
Are they popping off at the glass end or the tailgate end ?

It sounds like the stuts are getting twisted in some way, I must admit that I have only ever replaced the opening glass on the Laguna and not the Espace. Check the ball part is not loose at either end.
Other than that I'm a bit lost for sugestions.

Renault Espace Tailgate Window - Adrian
Thanks to everyone who has replied - this was my first post and it's great to get some suggestions!

They pop off the glass end. It started last summer in the South of France when the weather was over 90degs. As it only happened on one side I thought it was the heat that has softened the plastic socket. By Easter it was happening to both struts so I changed them. The balls are sound on the tailgate but looked a bit out of line on the glass so I losened them and straightened them which made a slight difference.

The hinges have corroded under the plastic coating and had become stiff. I have losened them but wonder if replacing them would help? My reluctance is that this looks expensive!

As for the pressure of gas struts - tell me about it! Try holding one strut in place while balancing the window on your head, compressing the other strut and popping it onto a ball - they should use it as a challenge on Gladiator!

Thanks again

Renault Espace Tailgate Window - Aprilia
Two thoughts:

1. Could the balls be a bit worn (i.e. diameter now too small)?
2. Are you sure there is no retaining clip - I have seen some cars where thare is a slotted spring clip that goes around the socket.

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