Rover Diesels - any comments? - Marky Mark
I am looking at a Rover 400 with the 2.0 DI engine (Perkins?) on a 97 P. It has done 116k miles & I have no idea of history or condition until I see it at BCA Bridgewater tomorrow. It should be cheap enough, but has anyone got any comments on them. I understand they are not as refined as PSA or VW units, but are they quite pokey?

Rover Diesels - any comments? - 3500S
I think although I might be wrong but this would be the L-series diesel. It's a typical 1990s diesel and has a fairly good reputation for durability if not refined as modern diesel. They still use the L-series in the 25, 45, ZR and ZS but with more power.
Rover Diesels - any comments? - wemyss
No it's certainly not a 2.0 Perkins which was only fitted to the Montego and Maestro cars.
They did use PSA engines at this time so its likely to be one of these.
Rover Diesels - any comments? - king arthur
The 2.0 Rover diesel is called the L-series and was developed from the old Perkins Prima engines used in the Maestro and Montego. It was essentially a "dieselised" version of the Austin O-series 2.0 petrol unit. The Peugeot 1.9 diesel was used in the 218 and 418, the L-series came after this. The TD5 engine in the Freelander was developed by adding another cylinder to the L-series engine.
Rover Diesels - any comments? - burners
As far as I am aware PSA units were used in the MK1 400 but a 97 should be a MK2 400 which to my knowledge used Rovers own L series which is pretty nippy for a diesel.
Rover Diesels - any comments? - sorrera
I thought the l series was perkins?
I had a high mileage 97 P 400 diesel. Reasonably economical, decent poke, engines are all a bit rough.
Only problems were lower fan settings didn't work and auxilliary belt which powered the servos for brakes and steering failed.

All in all solid car shame the dowdy image.
Rover Diesels - any comments? - OldOiler
Had two of these lumps, one a 400 on a P plate and the other a 25 on a W plate - both chipped to 130bhp. Went like stink, 120k on the 400 and 80k on the 25. oil changes are a must at 10k miles and cam belts at 75k. The early 400's did have a weak g/box which was ok on the 25.
Sorry I got rid of the 400 it was a good Q car.
Rover Diesels - any comments? - Marky Mark
Sounds promising. I will check out the condition tomorrow. It has already done 116k, but only need it to last a couple of years & I don't do mega miles.

How easy/expensive is the chipping process?
Rover Diesels - any comments? - OldOiler
About £395.00 from motorsport developments (near blackpool)

my old 400 is still for sale with our local Rover dealer??

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