Fiat Punto GT 1996 - Crinkly Dave
Second attempt, as first appears to have disappeared into the ether

Any idea where I could get a service manual for the above (except Fiat). Haynes don't do one and do not intend to. I have looked at the web, and can't find one.

Just simple info, like plug types and tightening torques.
Fiat Punto GT 1996 - sean
Hmm, a service manual for a Punto?

Sounds like a fair swap.

Why not try your local library?

They keep most Haynes manuals there, under classification 629.227 and how's that for memory?

If they don't have it in stock, they can get it for you via the British Library, up the road from me at Thorp Arch, wetherby.
Fiat Punto GT 1996 - Crinkly Dave

I have the Punto manual from Haynes, but it does not cover the GT thingie


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