Yo! Growler! - Ian (Cape Town)
I see Manila has been devastated by serious floods/monsoons/plagues of locusts/etc. and that there have been a a few deaths and tons of damage.
Are you and Growlette OK?
Yo! Growler! - Phil I
Ian - had email timed 05.34 this am from G. so hopefully typhoon whatever called not caused too many probs.

Bfn Phil I
Yo! Growler! - Ian (Cape Town)
Thnx Phil.
Hopefully the man will be back on soon.
Yo! Growler! - Thommo
Slightly off subject, just back from Cote D\'Ivoire myself. Lovely people, I just love Africa. Wish I could get a job there...

Hope Mr. G. is OK too, he promised to tell me which Harley to buy...
Yo! Growler! - Altea Ego
Isnt he in Australia at the mo? between Darwin and Alice?
Yo! Growler! - waterboy



Tomo as was!
Yo! Growler! - THe Growler
Thommo, email me if you're serious and we can discuss the right Hog 4 U, bro'.
Yo! Growler! - THe Growler
Thanks for asking all.

B****y oath mate, she blew a bit there. But no worries, it's all gone up to Honkers to give old Tone the excuse he needs to get away from his wife's singing. Even Growlette's karaoke work after a few San Miguel Lights is better than that...

Typhoon Harurot, biggest in 5 years but still only a Signal 2. 200 kph winds and a lot of rain but it's not unusual for the time of year. Luzon, the main island, missed the worst, with the Visayas and Mindanao copping it.

The Phils is in the centre of a huge weather system, where typhoons build up over Japan, circle down across Guam, hit the Phils, then move on to Taiwan or Hong Kong. Best thing was, we were travelling down to Manila from Angeles City (www.balibago.com), and there was almost nil traffic, although we did just miss a big hoarding that blew down in front of our cab.

I got my mate on to Royal Air Brunei as per sked and all flights were on time. No brownouts in our area either although they had it worse in the islands. I've had worse in Honkers when they made us evacuate all floors above the 20th....

Anyway now it's 35C and sunny again and my Harley just failed its emission test. Or should I say, passed it, after some judicious test equipment adjustment by an obliging tester after the promise of a good lunch........

Yo! Growler! - J Bonington Jagworth
"adjustment by an obliging tester after the promise of a good lunch........ "

If only MOT's were that simple! I'm surprised the standard is that tough, given the state of most vehicles in your part of the world, G. Or are there just a lot a over-fed testers around?
Yo! Growler! - THe Growler
Here is some boring info then: justa buncha numbers don't mean a lot to me as long as I pass whatever it is....

Cars (Gasoline), sorry I don't have the diesel specs:

Reg < Jan 1 1997 CO% (V) 4.5 HC (ppm) 800
Reg >1/1/97 1/1/03 (Low idle) 0.5 100
Reg > 1/1/03 (High idle) 0.3 100

M/cycles Dec 31 2002 4.5 exempt

My old heapa **** is Oct 2002, scored (hehe) 5.37%.

Low idle read is taken for 20 secs, high idle the same.

The other month my 2001 F-150 barely registered on the meter, so goes to show what a catalyser can do.

No idea how these compare with other countries, but the computerised report keeps mentioning "petrol" instead of "gas", which is what the go-fast juice is called here, so perhaps that's a clue....

Yo! Growler! - J Bonington Jagworth
3.5% to 0.5% is quite a jump. Assumes a (warm) cat, presumably. How is 'gas' different from petrol, then? Don't answer if it's too boring - I wouldn't want to get into trouble with Growlette...
Yo! Growler! - bafta
Growler, by golly you've got it. Adjust the equipment not the vehicle; so much simpler! If my car doesn't pass its emissions test I'll just offer my local garage man a plate of pancit canton and watch his face! I fly to Cebu on 5 August - househunting, hope to be in touch. Regards to Growlette.
Yo! Growler! - HF
Wow Bafta, really?

You are leaving these wondrous climes too?

Let us know how it goes eh? Maybe a plethora of discontented BRers will follow you out there ;)

Although, as the hosts, first rounds will be on you and G.

HF (needing to move away but not at all sure where to go.... :(

Yo! Growler! - bafta
Yes HF. That is my intention, I'm afraid. Can't stand the winters you see. Getting too old, so I'm off to sunnier climes. Couldn't let Growler have all the fun. I am going for two months so I hope to have time to fly up to MNL and visit Growler, with the permission of Asawa mo. I will be in the UK for a while next year as I will have to 'sell-up.' When I settle in the Visayas I will be able to give you an alternative weather report when the blowies don't turn NW to Growler but aim straight for me!
Yo! Growler! - THe Growler
One wag said to me the reason you had trouble passing was that the Manila air was leaking into the probe and sending up your reading.....

Pancit Canton cheap at half ther price in the circs. Bafta I don't get to CEB much but if you're transiting MNL we have 2 great biker bars and I would be glad to stand you a few stubbies, clearance from asawa-mo doubtless required...doubtless req.
Yo! Growler! - J Bonington Jagworth
"air was leaking into the probe and sending up your reading..."

Hee-hee! Come to think of it, what about the air leaking into your bike? Perhaps the test should be subtractive... :-)
Yo! Growler! - THe Growler
......or more likely the testers are getting better "lunches"...

Yo! Growler! - bafta
Clean air in Metro Manila! It just wouldn't be the same.
Yo! Growler! - Dynamic Dave
And now on to a discussion about motoring maybe?
Yo! Growler! - THe Growler
Pardon me teach, I though emission testing WAS about motoring....
Yo! Growler! - bafta
.....and so is clean air in Metro Manila, alternate days, different plates etc.
I was under the impression that this was closer to a motoring topic than some discussions that have graced these pages recently!
Yo! Growler! - THe Growler
.....better not mention the attempted coup then.. :-0
Yo! Growler! - Phil I
Gloria still in office even if Triumph Gloria not on the road anymore.:-)

Happy Motoring with 'Coupes'
Phil I
Yo! Growler! - THe Growler
Or of course - "sic transit gloria mundi" -- roughly translated - Gloria's van broke down Monday.

My father had a Triumph Gloria and that would never start either.

Yo! Growler! - Dynamic Dave
Pardon me teach, I though emission testing WAS about motoring....

Ok, I'll give you that one. I was actually refering to further up the thread though.
Yo! Growler! - bafta
DD, its nice to have a moderator with a sense of humour!
Yo! Growler! - bafta
Phew, Growler. Glad that's over! Makati can resume normal business. Only in the Philippines could a group of rebel soldiers try to exert pressure on the President by preventing her from going shopping! Exciting times,eh? What's all this talk of bribery and corruption? I thought that's why she got rid of Erap. Talking of corruption; how did the terrorist escape from police custody in Manila recently?
Yo! Growler! - J Bonington Jagworth
" how did the terrorist escape from police custody in Manila "

By buying them lunch, presumably...
Yo! Growler! - THe Growler
Well, better not get too OT, I have lots of coup stories including a great one I was involved in in '89 (PM me for that), but I suspect with the torrential rain and the stoppage of Jollibee deliveries by motorbike (Bafta will know this) it was all consigned to that ultimate of Filipino solutions the "Too Hard"" tray, and everyone decided enough was enough and it was time for beer and pulutan. As for the man who walked out of jail, of the several million conspiracy theories, I would place a small bet on a political desire to keep the "terrorist threat" alive so that the country can continue to claim more US aid. After the novelty has worn off they'll capture the guy just to show Dubya they really are in control......

Now we must keep to motoring, so I can say that yesterday traffic conditions were wonderful in our megalopolis (a) because nearly everyone was glued to the tube watching the melodrama unfold, and (b) because many roads were flooded up to a foot or so (viva la SUV!!) Furthermore, being a white monkey (local expression, Bafta again) I sailed through all the military checkpoints.


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