mondeo wishbones - tall paul
has anyone ever changed the bushes on the front wishbones of a 98 mondeo?

The garage tells me that they have collapsed!! but i looked at them and they just have a little bit of splitting, they where replaced 30,000 miles ago, the garage also tell me that my anti roll bar tie rods have movement in them, i would have thought that they were suppose to have movement !!

i looked in the haynes manual and it makes the wishbones look like a big job, i know the bolt under the transmission has been reversed from last time they were done, and i have heard that it is best to buy new wishbones with bushes and lower ball joint included, but looking at the car i would have thought you could just release the balljoint and then take the bolts out of the bushes and pull the wishbone out. or am i missing something?
the garage wants 110 for the tie rods and 155 for the bushes !!
mondeo wishbones - sean
This job was covered in "Car Mechanics" about 4 issues ago, I think.

Get yourself the latest copy and look for the back copy page. It should list which issue it's in.

The bolt under the trans is the big stumbling block, but if yours was reversed, much easier.

Bit concerned if the bushes have gone again, and only 30k since replacement.

Can't be as common as this, surely?
mondeo wishbones - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
If they werent genuine Ford suspension arms no surprise they have failed so soon especially if a lot of traffic calming is encountered. As for reversing the bolt under the gearbox, dont do it!! It saves time and hassle but there have been well documented issues where the gearbox has come into contact with the spear end of the bolt with predictable consequences!

Simplicate and add lightness!

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