Installing CD Changer - Gazza
I am thinking of add a CD changer (Baupunkt CDC A-08) to my existing head unit (Blaupunkt Casablanca CD51). I have checked compatibility but here are other questions I have.

Part 1:
Ebay is my first place to look, prices at around 90 pounds (new). Is that a fair price? EuroCarParts are selling the CD changer for 136 pounds.

Part 2:
Where should I mount it? Its dimensions are 275 x 65 x 180 mm
a) under the front passenger seat? (My preference)
b) in the glove box?
c) in the boot? (Not my preference)

Question 3:
Though quite handly with repairing cars, I have never installed a CD changer before, can anyone tell me how I should to install it? Or should I ask someone to install it for me? How much would I be looking at? Can you recommend anyone in East/North East London (I live near Canary Wharf)?

Installing CD Changer - MS
I installed a Sony CD changer in my XM.

I chose to mount it on the back or the rear passenger seats, because the back is a solid piece of metal with nothing major on the other side.

I didn't fancy fixing the changer to floor to discover I'd drilled through something major the other side!

The cabling was routed under the carpet beside a rear door (removed the door trim and lifted the carpet) then under the passenger seat and into the centre console.

Installing CD Changer - Dynamic Dave
Personally I would mount it in the boot. My Vectra has the factory fit cd changer in the glove box and it leaves no room for any other junk. About all I can get in the glove box is my phone charger lead and a couple of spare cd's.
If you mount it under the seat, check you don't have any heater ducts, as the last thing you want is to blast heat at the changer. Also you'll find clumsy rear seat passengers will be kicking it all the time.
Installing CD Changer - Mike200
Hi Gazza,

Iv'e got one of those changers connected to a Blaupunkt Valencia CD52. They are really good, mines never jumped, and they dont take up too much room.

Mine is in the boot, wouldnt fit in the glove box, and didn't facy it under the seat because of the wiring running to the seat sensor for the airbag and the seat belt tensioner.

When I installed mine, I had a quick check underneath to make sure there was nothing in the way ( nothing close enough to the bottom to worry about) and then drilled some very small holes for the self-tapping screws supplied.

You then have to put the mounting bolts up through the 'feet' and then screw the 'feet' to the floor (dont for get the shock abosorbing pads).

Then, drop the changer onto the bolts and fix in place with the nuts. I then made up some little Aluminium caps to cover the remaining bolt thread that was showing.

Then sealed the underside with some waterproofing stuff, cant remember what, havent got it any more but i'm sure some sort of silicon sealent would do.

Now i've had about 4 mths of listening pleasure without a jump.

Anyway, if you do decide to do it yourself, good luck.
Installing CD Changer - Mike200
PS, both of those prices sound really good , I paid £164 for mine and that had £50 off!!!

Problem with E-bay is you dont always know what your going to get, so i'd be inclined to pay a little more. There isnt much recourse on E-bay if it all goes wrong.
Installing CD Changer - sean
Your CD changer is quite a big unit.

If it fits under the seat and someone, let's say, rotund sits on it you may have an expensive shock.

Most folks screw them to the underside of the rear parcel shelf, or under the hatchback load cover. Because it has plugs and sockets, you can still remove the hatch load cover, for exceptional days.

They are very easy to wire up. You have a BUS cable and a cable with 2 phono plugs on. That is all.

Many cars have channels over the inner sills, so you just lift these and pull the wires underneath.

Good luck.
Installing CD Changer - PB
Worth checking to see if there is any standard wiring in there to accommodate one in the boot somewhere. In a new BMW I had I fitted one in the boot connected to the standard wiring already in place.
Installing CD Changer (2) - Gazza
Further to my first post, I have to decide whether to go for Blaupunkt CDC-A08 or IDC-A09.

CDC-A08 takes 10 cd but will not fit in my glove box or under the seat. The only option is 1) in boot, 2) on the floor of the driver's side and as close to the seat as possible (I should not kick it at all because my legs will be stretched towards the pedals), or 3) same location but the front passenger side.

IDC-A09 takes 5 cd and is DIN size. It can be fitted into console but I will lose a storage compartment, where I keep the remote for garage and phone and hence do not want to lose. It can also go into the glove box. I will need an extension cable because the standard cable is only 20cm long but the space is not as crucial.

Which would be the best option from your view?

(I would like to get as many comments and potential issues people can offer, in case I have not think it through properly)

Thanks, Garrison
Installing CD Changer (2) - Altea Ego
I always dislike floor mounted changers. They seem to hoover in the dirt and dust, are are less reliable.

Vote 1 for the console mounted.
Installing CD Changer (2) - Gazza
Forgot to add they both cost the same. Garrison
Installing CD Changer (2) - Wally Zebon
I mounted mine on the back of the back seat. It's the only place I can put it.

However, it means getting out of the car and opening up the boot whenever I want to change the discs. Makes me sound lazy I know, but.....OK, so I'm lazy!

The other inconvenience with this setup is whenever I want to put the seats down to accomodate a large load. I have a nice flatish floor with a silver box stuck part way up it! You just have to be careful not to dunt it with anything.

Installing CD Changer (2) - AR-CoolC

Just a quicky. Remember that whilst you have the seats folded down the CD changer is at the wrong way up. i.e. there are springs inside to protect it during useage, these springs are set to the angle that the unit is installed at. on the side of the unit will be some large screw type of thingies with arrows on that must piont upwards, so in affect you will need to alter these when the seat is folded.

Or don't use the changer whilst the seat is down.

Installing CD Changer (2) - BB
I would go for the 10 disk and locate it in the boot.
Instead of screwing it down to the body in white , why dont you get a couple of pieces of sticky back velcro? Stick one half to the carpet in the boot and the other half to the changer and voila!

Mine has been velcro'd down for about 3 years and has not moved or jumped once.
Installing CD Changer (2) - BobbyG
For what its worth, I installed a CD changer to my Saxo Diesel (a Sony).
A more rattly vibrating car you won't find.
I have not screwed it in or even used velcro or stickys. I have located it under the front passenger seat. I ran the cable from the back of the radio down through the centre console and out just where the console meets the front seat. It was literally a 1 minute job and you can't see the wiring. This then plugs into the changer but the beauty is that I can remove the changer at any time, especialy if I am hoovering, cleaning etc. or leaving the car parked up for a while. Yes I know this means that someone else could remove it as well but they won't know its under the seat as they can't see it.

The changer has not jumped once since I bought it 18 months ago.

Re 6 cd versus 10 cd changer, in reality I find that I normally change the cds before all 6 are used and, to be honest, I have taken to listening to the radio for the last couple of weeks.
So I really don't know of any benefit in 10 over 6 unless you are driving 8 hours a day. Even then, why not just put some spare cds in your car and change them over if thats the case?
Just my thoughts for what its worth..

Installing CD Changer (2) - Dynamic Dave
Yes I know this means that someone else could remove it as
well but they won't know its under the seat as they can't see it.

Actually it's one of the first places a thief looks because so many people are misguided into thinking that hiding something of value under the seat is a good idea.
Installing CD Changer (2) - BobbyG
Sorry DD, I am of the opinion that if they are going to get you, then they are going to get you. Thieves know where cds, phones etc are hidden, and they can also get into my Saxo in nanoseconds no doubt.

I remove the face plate from the stereo and take it with me so hopefully that might put them off and make them move onto the next car. Although, again, I know a lot of people who take the face plate off the stereo and put it in the glove box!! Why????

If someone looks in my window, they will see a radio with the panel removed and no visible sign that there is a cd changer in the car. Whereas, they will know that the average BMW. Merc, etc will have one in their boot and their owners will probably have a fully functional radio in the dash as well..


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