Skoda advice ? - welshy
Hi all , im in the process of buying a skoda favorit estate , I think its a K plate . Can people please give me some advice on these cars , do they have a timing belt that needs changing , what else should be done to prolong the life of the car , it has currently done 50,000 miles and thats genuine . Any advice please ?
Skoda advice ? - Another John H
There's quite a bit of Skoda expertise on

in the skodarescue group.

I would go for the Felicia instead, if you have the choice:
VW build quality (in the days when they did) and significantly newer, for not much more cash.

AIUI There is the possibility of serious structural rust in the front struts in the older ones...
Skoda advice ? - Gen
What are you going to pay for it?

A 92 K could be the carb model which will rust and overheat, or an injection one which won't. Important which it is.
92 was a change over year.

1.3 Felicia is same engine and roughly same build quality as post 94 Favorit. Only advantage of Felicia is power steering and diesel engine ones.
Skoda advice ? - volvoman
Can't speak for the Favorit but we recently bought a 1996 'P' Felicia and are very happy with it so far. No rattles, squeaks or whistles and it's nice and roomy inside for what is a small car. Ours has done 38k from new, is virtually spotless and we only paid £1200 for it. The more I drive it the more I like it.


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