civvy motorway cops! - Jonathan {p}
Just read this, interesting and probably a good thing, providing that their functions are not extended to include other law enforcement.

civvy motorway cops! - Tom Shaw
Good idea on paper, but anyone with experience in the security industry will tell you that recruits will mostly be wannabe cops who don't meet the requirements to get in the job proper.

Loads of power in the hands of jobsworths with limited intelligence. No thanks.
civvy motorway cops! - James_Jameson
I was going to say "thin end of the wedge", but I think we're some way down the wedge already.

Unqualified saddos with some power. Very worrying.
civvy motorway cops! - DavidHM
The patrols will take over the police's role in dealing with broken down, damaged or abandoned vehicles, answering emergency calls and supervising the movement of abnormal loads.

With luck, this will just be a sort of state-owned RAC, and probably more cost effective than delegating these functions to the police. On the other hand, if they gain more responsibility, or act like they do, there could be serious consequences.

If that happens, I'm worried about what the people doing this will actually be like - generally no discretion or compassion.

Even more worrying though is that people with limited training and skills (or they'd be regular cops on more money with more prestige) will be driving T5s down the motorway at 140 mph to respond to spurious 'emergencies'.

Arguably they already are, and they're called sales reps, but still...
civvy motorway cops! - THe Growler
We have armies of these bozos, and they're called "enforcers". They are of low intelligence, corrupt and often semi-literate. Worse they have guns.
civvy motorway cops! - Thommo
I was at Ascot yesterday (as you are) and I was listening to the complaints of the horsey set who now have to nail everything in the countryside to the floor and when it's nicked (nails and all) the Police won't come.

My point, everyone keeps telling me what the Police won't do anymore, could someone tell me what they do do?
civvy motorway cops! - Mark (RLBS)
>>My point, everyone keeps telling me what the Police won't do anymore, could someone tell me what they do do?

The amount of police on the roads around here is quite noticable. They still use the "hide in driveways" method of catching speeders and the local police station is open long hours.

A little while ago I passed what was obviously a stolen car dumped in a track being stripped by some of the local yoof. Reported it by mobile phone and the police arrived before the yoof left.

BTW, "here" is the Northampton/Towcester/Silverstone area.
civvy motorway cops! - Ian (Cape Town)
The local city/provincial traffic boys aren't the brightest stars in the sky ... Their sole contribution to road safety seems to be hiding behind bushes with a pro-laser...
Obviously the accident-damaged, bald-tyred, overloaded minibus isn't targetted, as the chances of getting the driver to actually pay anything towards a fine are minimal - especially when he lives in a 'no-go' area.
Meanwhile, the chaps with a fixed address, decent roadworthied and safe car are nailed for 1 small 3km/h over the limit!
Recently the powers-that-be set out on a recruitment drive. People were invited to apply to become student traffic officers.
Educational level required: minimal.
Renumeration? I spend more a month on basic groceries ...
Peanust and Monkeys!
civvy motorway cops! - Dwight Van Driver
Bad, bad news.

Thommo - must be doing something as big headache for Home Office is the ever increasing jail occupancy leading to Blunkett to consider if scroat says sorry then sentence halved.

civvy motorway cops! - Nortones2
Security staff get paid about the same as supermarket shelf fillers. Which is why they get the quality they want. If they paid better, they could get better people, but that might affect the bottom line.
civvy motorway cops! - Slender
Loads of power in the hands of jobsworths with limited intelligence.
No thanks.


Too true, that`s what we have the police for.

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